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Antonovich Group is offering best the development of architecture and interior design that requires a classical or royal style design. Over many years of expertise in providing the most excellent design services for every project. Antonovich Group has become the top choice of every property owner in developing their classical interior design and architecture project that requires premium class composition. Each property that is being developed is being crafted to perfection with delicate design implementations to preserve the natural beauty of traditional style with fascinating touches of historical elegance. Antonovich Group has high-caliber professionals that have the full ability to perform absolute design services which are being created strategically and accurately.



Antonovich Group is an award-winning company that offers international standards for every architecture and interior design project. It has high esteemed services which are being conducted and developed by a high caliber professional team which is being composed of expert interior designers, architects, engineers, joiners, and a very professional production team. As it offers complete solutions for every project design, Antonovich Group always guarantees a hassle-free and cost-efficient experience for every client. Antonovich Group is accomplishing every project design from A to Z that always brings out an absolute turnkey solution. That is why even when it comes to restoration and preservations of different historical and traditional structures, houses, and museums in the USA Antonovich Group has always become the top choice of every client.

Antonovich Group also has its own manufacturing and factory that creates premium class furniture design and decorations that completes every prestigious project to the finest. Each project is delicately crafted to meet the highest standard of design implementations with greatness in uniqueness and exquisite design. Having its own office branch in Florida USA has contributed a lot to sustaining the highest standards of customer services as the team always assures us to deliver the most satisfying work and design developments. With its world-class standard in every design service, no doubt that Antonovich Group has become the most trusted and reliable company that develops and restores every prestigious architecture and interior design including those that have a traditional and historical design.



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