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Newark, New Jersey

Interior Design Studio Newark, New Jersey

Design-projects of apartments, houses, cottages, cafes, bars, restaurants, offices in any chosen by the client style. We very much like to do the design of residential and public interiors. And the more challenging the interior, the more we love it! 

   Designer's supervision 

To ensure that all our wonderful ideas are realized most successfully, we control the contractors. 


Consultations — both before purchasing real estate and after we will help to choose a combination of colors in the interior and decoration materials. 

Our leading employees have the best architectural and design education. We understand that everyone should do their own thing, so you do not have to master the design terminology and not understand the stylistic subtleties. We make the design for you, so we will gladly fulfill your wishes, no matter how strange they may seem. 

We like to do beautifully. We live to make your dreams come true! 

   We are useful when 

   Yours wishes: 

We professionally do what we do, because we love our business, we have the knowledge, taste and many years of experience in the field of interior design, accumulated on the basis of more than 300 projects created! 

We listen to our clients in order to determine what they want, what is important for them, how they live, and then we go to work and put it into practice, taking into account our professionalism, experience, and creativity. 

We turn your thoughts, dreams, and wishes into a design concept! And then turning the design concept into work plans, visualizations, specifications, materials and surfaces. 

Our goal is to create the interior design project with an excellent result! 

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