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Reviews for Luxury Antonovich Design                                                                      From our clients

I was looking for a reliable professional — a designer with great experience and a fresh look at the world of interior for a very long time! And my searches could not succeed for a long time, until by chance I came across the site of Katrina and her company in Dubai. I just fell in love with her works — full of aesthetics, subtle and sensual luxury ... And what was my surprise and happiness when I found out that the company has been working in America for many years! The next day, we met with Katrina, and I was offered several ways to translate my ideas ...

I am extremely pleased with our cooperation, I am delighted with the result of apartment renovation ... this decoration ... everything is thought out to the smallest detail! Materials — the highest quality, technology — the most advanced!

I highly recommend the services of Katrina and her company, and will remain a loyal fan of her creativity forever!

Sergey, New York

As the result showed, I was not mistaken in choosing interior designer. Katrina is not only an expert, but also, as it turned out, a very practical person. Given the dimensions of the building, the ability to competently, and at the same time stylishly organize the space for me was extremely important. She easily managed to organize the space of the villa so that it remained as bright and airy, but filled with meaning and all the necessary furniture. Each element is thought out, the fabrics are selected with a surprisingly harmonious combination with flooring and walls fit-out. It's nice when a person is so sincerely surrendered to what she does at 100%! That's why, I believe, the result of the work pleases me as a customer, and certainly will not leave my guests indifferent! Katrina — I can easily give you 5 stars for this chic villa design! You have turned it into a truly heavenly place!

Nelson, Miami

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