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Katrina Antonovich

The architectural style, interior and exterior design, furniture and home decor by Katrina Antonovich reflect the bright and unusual dynamics of flourishing of her personal artistic creativity. Katrina's works are distinguished by her uniqueness of combining an elegant and yet simple style. She is a talented designer with professional attention to the smallest nuances, a subtle sense of material, color, the deepest sense of its structure and texture, as well as passion for maximum stylish functionality and perfect balanced proportions. Designer with large baggage of successfully completed projects, including residential interiors for members of the royal families of the Middle East, celebrity in the USA, as well as commercial interiors. Luxury Antonovich Design Company, led by Katrina Antonovich and Elena Antonovich, works freely in different styles, and is well versed in tendencies and modern fashion trends in interior design. All the projects by Katrina Antonovich in particular are always fascinating, unique and thought out to the last detail. Each element of the design she created is carefully selected and fits into the general concept, characterized by elegance, interesting ideas, while combining the needs and taste preferences of the customer.

Elena Antonovich

Elena Antonovich, the founder and project manager of Luxury Antonovich Design company known as a member of the Association of Business Women of Kazakhstan, has gone from a talented newcomer to one of the best designers of our time. She works in a style that allows to take all the best from different eras and at the same time remain modern. In each project, Elena Antonovich — whether it is interior, landscape or furniture design, everything is developed individually according to her author's sketches. Classical forms and textures, updated by the fresh look of the designer and modern materials, are harmoniously interwoven into the rhythmical style from Elena. Her subtle approach to creating projects makes classic style more tolerant, flexible, allowing to create an atmosphere of respectability and comfort in any room where there is a very subtle and harmonious use of color. Masterfully mixing elements of neoclassicism with art-deco and modern art, she draws more and more attention to her works, and expands the geography of her projects from the Middle East to the USA.


A talented team of Luxury Antonovich Design — the architectural and interior design company will implement interior and exterior solutions of any complexity, fill your home or office with unique designer furniture and lighting of own production, create an exclusive decor, carpets and curtains, help with landscaping, completing the property and conducting architectural supervision.

The main characteristic of modern interior by Luxury Antonovich Design implemented in any stylistic direction (modern, classic, art-deco, eclectic) is a professionally modeled space, which is competently filled with light, the necessary stylish furniture and decor items, both of own design and production, as well as delivered from the best European and USA manufacturers.

A qualified and creative approach to design of home interiors and fit-out implies a harmonious combination of architecture and the interior image of the premises. Our team individually approaches each project to create a harmonious space inside you home and beyond.

The work of Luxury Antonovich Design Company under the guidance of Katrina and Elena Antonovich is completely compatible with stealing your hearts with its incredible sense of beauty and an interesting approach to filling the interior, furniture design and a subtle reception of detail.

If you are looking for ideas for a stylish and cozy interior, then we are the one you need!

Lisandra Matos

Project Manager
Lisandra is a qualified specialist responsible for the successful implementation of the project with the necessary quality, meeting the deadlines agreed with the customer. Her responsibilities include project management, project team management, project and technical documentation. The main result of Lisandra's work is the satisfaction of our customer.

Yulia Nazarenko

Project Manager
Yulia is a real qualified specialist who is able to successfully implement the full cycle of the project, which includes initiation, planning, implementation, completion. She monitors and controls the implementation of tasks, compiles reporting documentation. This is a high-level professional who is at the same time a strong expert in her functional field and a competent manager and can carry out comprehensive planning and inspire her team.

Tatiana Mykhalko

Having more than 10 years of experience in project management and development, Tatiana is the point person in charge of a specific project or projects within our company. She plays a key role in controlling time management, cost estimating and developing the budget that leads to ensuring customer satisfaction. As well as has the overall responsibility for the successful planning and execution of a project.

Nadiia Tkachenko

In addition to designing building plans, Nadiia with her exemplary experience is in charge of preparing bids and project proposals, managing staff, and completing projects for residential, commercial and retail sector from design through construction. She is responsible for work in office and building sites, and has both strong people skills and attention to details.

Olesya Podesna

Olesya's responsibilities include the development of design projects, and the coordination of project documentation with clients and representatives of state bodies. She creates drawings and carries out the necessary calculations. Olesya owns all the key design technologies, and is able to offer the client exactly what he/she needs.

Rand Ahmad Saber

Being a qualified expert, Rand participates in the design development process to collaborate and value engineer construction methods to reduce time and cost. Rand is responsible for preparing the entire blueprint (design plan, technical drawing) for the project and then controls the supervising the construction efforts.

Daria Kozak

Daria is a true expert in the field of design and functional interior solutions. She is engaged in the development of plans, volumetric forms of buildings and the calculation of their structures. Daria has excellent knowledge and is versed in the methods of designing and conducting technical and economic calculations.

Samira Selim

Project Manager
The main task of Samira, as a project manager, is the implementation in practice of the task assigned to her by the customer. To carry out project tasks, she is vested with broad powers for making operational management decisions in the face of risks and restrictions inherent in all projects. What does it mean — control over the progress of the project, its comprehensive analysis and measures to minimize risks.

Vitalii Dziubenko

Vitalii is an important person in the sales and marketing of our products and services. He is responsible for creation visual concepts and delivers what the client wants to get ahead in the design role. Vitalii is in charge of developing concepts, graphics and layouts for product illustrations, company logos and websites.

Andrii Skliaryk

Andrii is a real professional of his sphere. He designs decoration projects, creates sketches and visualizes design concepts. In accordance with the requirements of the customer, he develops creative concepts and ideas that reflect marketing tasks. His responsibilities include the organization of the work of the design team, the distribution of tasks, the regulation of design processes, the provision and quality control of decisions in the field of graphic design.

Olena Zhemchugova

Olena is the person who leads the team of architects of our company at every stage of the design and construction of the building. She also acts as a consultant and plays a large role in the design of the building, as well as evaluates the needs of our customers. Olena controls the entire construction process from start to finish. This implies ongoing communication with construction supervisory authorities, as well as with contractors and engineers, so that the entire project goes according to plan.

Vladimir Soshnin

Vladimir is responsible for very important part of our company services. He leads the ideation and creation of campaign concepts and advertising content of our company; develops and delivers high-quality concepts, has exceptional strategic thinking and creative problem solving.

Hasan Alfahel

Engineer, project manager
Hasan's job is to plan, budget, oversee and document all aspects of the specific project our company is working on. He is skilled in both the technical skills and in leading and directing the team. Hasan is a real professional who can develop a comprehensive project plan, track the progress of this plan, and effectively communicate the plan with employees and our clients.

Sara Mamoun Almsrany

Project Manager
Sara is a key person in delivering the projects to all our clients. Having many years of business experience demonstrating progressive responsibility and growth within the construction/facilities industry, she is responsible for all aspects of project delivery for assigned projects, from pre-construction to project completion. She prepares and monitors the project budget.


Lead Designer
Roman is responsible for leading the creation, development, refinement, and documentation of innovative design solutions that are in line with the design objectives and goals of our company. He provides creative and technical leadership and direction for the project team, while understanding and achieving the needs of the client.

Salima Bouazzaoui

Project Manager
Salima has strong project management experience and construction experience. She is primarily responsible for the overall successfulness of delivering a project, reaching set targets both safely and correctly. Salima performs effectively within tight time-scales and create a positive client environment to remain in a good relationship throughout the contract.

Halida Kiknadze

Halida's responsibilities include the preparation and processing of primary documentation, the preparation and sending of accounting and tax reporting to regulatory authorities; conduct financial transactions for the purchase, as well as the sale of our company's products.

Gauhar Abikarova

Textile designer
Gauhar is a professional textile designer, who is involved with the production of sketches, designs and samples for interior decor items (upholstery, curtains, soft furnishings and carpets) for presentation to customers; as well her responsibilities include assessing and approving completed items and production standards and developing new design concepts.

Marianne Adia Reyes

Receptionist / Sales Person
Marianne can be called the face of our company. When you enter the office, it is she who greets you with a smile. Marianne's duties include receiving visitors and accompanying them. She finds out the needs of callers and visitors, provides information about the company's products and services. Marianne's duties also include selling the company's goods and services, expanding the circle of customers and maintaining partnerships with them.

Rachelle Santiago

Rachel is entrusted with the function of registering visits to both employees of the company, and customers and ordinary visitors. She answers phone calls and redirects them to those to whom they are intended, receives mail, and keeps a record of clients.

Keshar Jayagadi

Keshar assists in organizing the office area, performs important related assigned tasks. He has perfect communication and presentation skills, so, every visitor will be covered with attention and respect.

Lotis Arogante

Office Girl
Lotis is responsible for delivering and collecting letters as well as other documents. She coordinates the employees and assists them with their primary needs. She also greets guests when they visit the office.

Mona Lisa Dumpa Macarate

Mona's responsibilities include carrying out work to determine the value of real estate of various types: from apartments and individual residential buildings with household buildings to specialized structures, as well as analyzing the state of structural elements, exterior and interior decoration and utilities.

Rebecca Ramirez

The official duties of Rebecca are reduced to the conduct of primary accounting, payments under civil contracts, tax and management accounting. She is involved in the preparation and submission of tax reporting, as well as minimizing tax payments.

Reiza nada Malveda

Reiza is involved in handling front office reception and administration duties, including greeting guests and offering them a beverage, answering phones, handling company inquiries and arrange appointments.

Vikram Jayagadi

Office Boy
Vikram is one of the kindest employees in our company. He greets visitors warmly and make sure they are comfortable; coordinates office activities. He ensures office area is ready to receive clients.

Gretchen D. Loyola

Secretary & Receptionist
Grethen is a dedicated and compassionate qualified receptionist with a desire to care for our beloved clients. She is the first point of contact for our company. She represents Luxury Antonovich Design in a friendly, helpful and positive manner; ensures that needs of caller or visitor are responded to effectively or by referral to appropriate staff.

Purushotam Pahadi

Purushotam maintains safe and secure environment for customers and employees by patrolling and monitoring premises and personnel. He inspects and tests fire and security systems. He has perfect skills for correct communication with customers in case of conflict.

Miroslava Glodik

Social Media Manager
Miroslava works on the development of strategic plans within the social media industry that can strengthen the growth of our company brand. She is building, managing and administering a community in the various social media platforms. She identifies target customers, plans the delivery of management strategies through social media.

Yuliia Korotchuk

Julia’s task is to build the process of work on the project with available resources within the allocated budget, defined timelines and with the agreed quality. She constantly deals with the team, customer, project and company management; Satisfaction of the business goals of the customer on time and the building of trusting relationships.

Rovi Mae Dequito

Rovi plays a supportive role in our company to undertake a variety of administrative tasks. She helps to keep our company running smoothly, taking care of organizational tasks. She is responsible for organizing and servicing meetings, answering calls, taking messages and handling correspondence, recruiting, training and supervising junior staff.

Alina Omelchuk

The main function of Alina is the execution of artwork. She develops projects of artistic and technical design, draws up sketches and performs work on decoration; consults and advises clients on the principles and options for solving design tasks. She has a great experience in selection luxury furniture, fabrics and materials.

Antonina Kosyachenko

Having a huge store of knowledge and experience (20 years), Antonina is responsible for the design of construction projects, development of project documentation (architectural design layouts). She conducts close communication with customers and project authors, as well as carries out field supervision of the construction process.

Natalie Fayzieva

Sales manager
Natalie's main task is to sell the company's goods and services, expand the circle of clients and maintain partnerships with them; as well as preparation of commercial offers and presentations, analysis and monitoring of the services market. She is easily able to find out the possible needs of customers, to inform about the characteristics of the goods.

Nataliya Singaevskaya

Nataliya is a qualified specialist who carries out architectural design, supervises the construction and deals with project documentation. She easily determines the internal appearance of premises and defines the concept of space, designs the necessary engineering structures and communications.

Dmytro Pasko

Dmytro is able to multitask and manage multiple projects. He is creating architectural and interior design renderings for residential, commercial and hospitality projects, produces 3D-visualization studies of structural options and finishes selections, is involved in concept development during pre-production phases with other designers of our company.


Alibek is a person with design skills and the artistic realization of a project that can comprehensively solve problems covering many areas. He develops projects and, in addition to other documentation and drawings, provides the customer with its visualization made using three-dimensional programs.

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