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Katrina Antonovich

Academic architectural education in the world capital of regal luxury is the basis of her style in works. Her amazing ability to look into the future of architecture and design, to serve our valued customers and clients with all the subtleties associated with the demands, and to create true masterpieces of luxury, make the LUXURY ANTONOVICH DESIGN handwriting recognizable worldwide.

Her keen understanding of the beautiful and unerring taste, Katrina Antonovich had inherited from her ancestors. She comes from an aristocratic family of noble birth with time-honoured history. A talented and professional Katrina Antonovich is a leading interior design and interior fit-out company working in the Retail, Leisure, Commercial and Residential Sectors. We offer a complete solution to your entire construction and fit-out process, from concept to completion, from creation to implementation. Our uniqueness in approaching each project, comprehensive range of construction services globally for customized design and individual high-standard interior fit-out make us stand out among others.

Using brilliant taste and a touch of luxury we are experts in interior fit-out works, joinery, furniture, and furnishing and provide turnkey projects to prime residential, commercial sectors, palaces and high-profile residences.

The owner and ideologist of her author's furniture showroom Katrina Antonovich brand in Dubai, Jumeirah Road and her well-coordinated team of professionals create designer furniture to order - unique world-class furniture collection masterpieces, which already pleases its owners with the highest quality, reliability and elegance.

The multi-disciplinary experience of Luxury Antonovich Design Company has the long-standing knowledge of market and the skills to provide comprehensive supervision services for complex construction projects. Our high professionalism and blameless reputation are confirmation of reliability of our company.

Luxury Antonovich Design currently provides design, fit-out, architecture and construction services in the Middle East, USA, as well as Europe, including Great Britain and Russia, along with Africa - Nigeria and Shanghai. The company's headquarters are in Dubai, Miami and Los Angeles.

Elena Antonovich

Elena Antonovich, the founder and project manager of Luxury Antonovich Design company known as a member of the Association of Business Women of Kazakhstan, has gone from a talented newcomer to one of the best designers of our time.

She works in a style that allows to take all the best from different eras and at the same time remain modern.

In each project, Elena Antonovich — whether it is interior, landscape or furniture design, everything is developed individually according to her author's sketches. Classical forms and textures, updated by the fresh look of the designer and modern materials, are harmoniously interwoven into the rhythmical style from Elena.

Her subtle approach to creating projects makes classic style more tolerant, flexible, allowing to create an atmosphere of respectability and comfort in any room where there is a very subtle and harmonious use of color.

Masterfully mixing elements of neoclassicism with art-deco and modern art, she draws more and more attention to her works, and expands the geography of her projects from the Middle East to the USA.


A talented team of Luxury Antonovich Design — the architectural and interior design company will implement interior and exterior solutions of any complexity, fill your home or office with unique designer furniture and lighting of own production, create an exclusive decor, carpets and curtains, help with landscaping, completing the property and conducting architectural supervision.

The main characteristic of modern interior by Luxury Antonovich Design implemented in any stylistic direction (modern, classic, art-deco, eclectic) is a professionally modeled space, which is competently filled with light, the necessary stylish furniture and decor items, both of own design and production, as well as delivered from the best European and USA manufacturers.

A qualified and creative approach to design of home interiors and fit-out implies a harmonious combination of architecture and the interior image of the premises. Our team individually approaches each project to create a harmonious space inside you home and beyond.

The work of Luxury Antonovich Design Company under the guidance of Katrina and Elena Antonovich is completely compatible with stealing your hearts with its incredible sense of beauty and an interesting approach to filling the interior, furniture design and a subtle reception of detail.

If you are looking for ideas for a stylish and cozy interior, then we are the one you need!

Svitlana Antonovich

Chief Designer
Svitlana Antonovich is the chief designer of the luxurious gallery of premium furniture Antonovich Home. She is also the chief designer at Luxury Antonovich Design. Svitlana develops each project uniquely based on the author's drawings, whether it is interior, landscape, or furniture design. Classical shapes and textures, updated with the designer's fresh appearance and contemporary materials, are perfectly integrated into rhythmical style.

Hasan Alfahel

Hasan Alfahel is a real professional in this field. He designs, oversees and supervises large construction projects of our company; is responsible for large teams that are involved in project design, planning, and construction processes. This requires that he regularly meets, collaborates with, and manages these team members, composed of surveyors, construction managers, architects, landscape architects, and urban planners. Hasan spends significant amounts of time designing and planning projects and presenting proposals, needs assessments, budgets, and amendments to our clients. He plans construction activities, supervises structural elements, and performs building inspections upon every project completion.

Lisandra Matos

Project Manager
Lisandra is a qualified specialist responsible for the successful implementation of the project with the necessary quality, meeting the deadlines agreed with the customer. Her responsibilities include project management, project team management, project and technical documentation. The main result of Lisandra's work is the satisfaction of our customer.

Rand Ahmad Saber

Rand Ahmad Saber develops a detailed project plan, uses appropriate verification techniques to manage changes in project scope, schedule and costs. She measures project performance using appropriate systems, tools and techniques.

Salima Bouazzaoui

Project Manager
Salima brings creativity and commercial view to working process. She is responsible for organization of every stage of your project! Salima develops construction plans, assists in evaluating and selecting architectural, construction and engineering contractors and coordinates the work of the project and the team of designers.

Sara Mamoun Almsrany

Project Manager
It's very important to ensure that customers receive the highest quality of service at every stage. Sara is responsible for ensuring the successful delivery of projects through resource management and optimizing procedures. She coordinates and oversees the project life cycle of facilities related projects and also she manages projects from conception through construction and completion.

Samira Selim

Project Manager
Samira works closely with senior managerial or directorial staff to provide administrative support, organizes events and conferences. She is responsible for scheduling meetings, managing the executive's business calendar.

Vitalii Dziubenko

A licensed certified graphic designer with over 9 years of experience in interior, exterior, landcape design for projects that include residential and commercial sectors.

Vladimir Soshnin

Vladimir is in charge of developing appropriate ideas and advertisements for a company. He edits ad presentation according to client specifications. Vladimir makes a deal with press releases, advertising, and translations.

Saud Yunus Shokat Ali

He develops the overall layout and production design for advertisements, brochures, magazines, and corporate reports. Saud uses a variety of design elements to achieve artistic or decorative effects.

Sandeep Kumar

He works closely with architects, structural engineers, mechanical engineers, builders, to determine how interior spaces will function, look, and be furnished. Sandeep specifies materials and furnishings, such as lighting, furniture, wall finishes, flooring, and plumbing fixtures. Also he creates a timeline for the interior design project and estimate project costs.

Vidya K Sukumaran

She prepares and presents design proposal to clients. Vidya produces detailed drawings, showing how the spaces in the building will be organised, what the building will look like in its environment and how it will be built. She negotiates with contractors and other professionals.

Merey Zholdasova

Project Manager
Merey is responsible for ensuring the successful implementation of projects through resource management and streamlining procedures. She coordinates and oversees the life cycle of projects.

Daniyar Ahmedyar

He works closely with architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, and civil engineers to determine how interiors will function, look and furnish.

Marianne Adia Reyes

Receptionist / Sales Person
Marianne is one of the first points of contact for our company. She is responsible for receiving visitors at the front desk by greeting, welcoming and directing them. She understands people and their needs well and knows how to move our product quickly and efficiently. Marianne has excellent skills in detailing the benefits of the products, goods and services she is selling to customers, taking into account their style and preferences and maintaining positive business relationships with existing and prospective customers. Marianna works with customers to find what they want, create solutions and ensure a smooth sales process.

Gauhar Abikarova

Gauhar is a professional textile designer, who is involved with the production of sketches, designs and samples for interior decor items (upholstery, curtains, soft furnishings and carpets) for presentation to customers; as well her responsibilities include assessing and approving completed items and production standards and developing new design concepts.

Halida Kiknadze

Halida's responsibilities include the preparation and processing of primary documentation, the preparation and sending of accounting and tax reporting to regulatory authorities; conduct financial transactions for the purchase, as well as the sale of our company's products.

Rachelle Santiago

She coordinates front-desk activities, including distributing correspondence and redirecting phone calls. Rachelle is responsible for administrative tasks, greeting visitors, booking meetings.

Bogatoz Kinzhegarimova

Furniture selection designer
Completion of design projects and visualization (selection of furniture, light, decor). Selection and search for pieces of furniture, light, decor and their alternatives.

Natalie Fayzieva

Sales manager
Natalie is responsible for resolving customer appeals regarding sales and service, monitors customer preferences to determine the focus of sales efforts. She is involved in analyze sales statistics, and determine the profitability of products and services; controls the distribution of goods and services. The essence of her work as a sales manager is the sale of goods taking into account customers wishes, preferences and tastes, establishing and maintaining partnerships with customers.

Damira Ziyadina

Coordinates work with employees. Provides organizational support for our showroom. She receives correspondence, calls, organizes business meetings.

Anar Alpysbaeva

Collaborate with architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, builders to determine how the interior will function, look and furnish.

Akhmedyarov Ulugbek

He works closely with architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, and civil engineers to determine how interiors will function, look and furnish.

Laxmi Narsinga Rao

He summarizes current financial status by collecting information; preparing balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and other reports. He prepares special financial reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing account information and trends.

Keshar Jayagadi

Keshar assists in different office tasks required by the office staff. He also greets guests when they visit the office. He is a very important employee who knows everything about the materials of the decor. Keshar can instantly find among thousands of samples of fabrics and materials exactly what our client needs.

Mina Abdullah

Sales Personnel
Mina works with customers to find what they want, create solutions and ensure a smooth sales process. She has excellent skills in detailing the benefits of the products, goods and services she is selling to customers, taking into account their style and preferences and maintaining positive business relationships with existing and prospective customers.

Lotis Arogante

Office Girl
Lotis coordinates with the Employees and assists them with their primary needs. She also greets visitors and offers their wants. She helps to provide the Materials to be shown to clients. She keeps the office organized, tidy, and running smoothly.

Mona Lisa Dumpa Macarate

Our estimator always finds a perfect balance in quality and price. She is responsible for analyzing the price of all materials, which are used during the construction works. As the best professional she knows how to make her job in such a way that the client will be satisfied with the price.

Rebecca Ramirez

Proper financial planning is the key to business success. Rebecca Ramirez has the full knowledge of legislation in the field of taxation and accounting, as well as in the UAE accounting system. Her wide range of responsibilities include accounting, reception, control and processing of primary documentation (freight bills, cash, personnel documents, contracts with contractors, etc.) All interactions with banks and credit organizations go through her skillful hands, which ensures the correctness of our reporting in accordance with IFRS.

Gaukhar Kadirbaeva

Its main goal is to create stylish, elegant and luxurious spaces. Highly qualified specialist.

Reiza nada Malveda

Reiza is the first person you meet visiting our showroom. She is responsible for creating a positive first impression of our company and products as a whole. Reiza is a friendly person, she cordially welcomes all our guests, treats them with the most delicious coffee and tea. And she is always ready to answer all your phone calls, and will advise on any matter you are interested in.

Vikram Jayagadi

Office Boy
Vikram is our office universal soldier. He is one who will assist in all kinds of office tasks, a person, who meet our guests and perfectly knows what to propose. Vikram is irreplaceable and responsible employee who is always ready to help you with any issues.

Gretchen D. Loyola

Secretary & Receptionist
Gretchen carries out work on the organizational and technical support of our showroom. She receives correspondence, calls, organizes meetings of clients with our designers and decorators, and also organizes the reception of visitors, facilitates the speedy consideration of orders received at our showroom.

Purushotam Pahadi

Purushotam has a variety of functions related to protection and security. He is responsible for protecting the life and health of citizens (both employees and customers). Properly ensures order at the facility entrusted to him. Purushotam is engaged in monitoring of technical means (video surveillance, alarm), as well as control over entrusted material values. His functions include correct communication with customers in case of conflict.

Tatiana Mykhalko

Tatiana is with more than 10 years in successful project development of residential and commercial sectors. She is responsible for project planning, including ensuring the production of the detailed project plan. She manages the flow of project information between the team and the client, through regular meetings and written communications.

Miroslava Glodik

Social Media Manager
Miroslava is  responsible for creative developing and implementing a social media marketing plan, which includes tasks that encompass: brand development, web development and content strategy, identifying target customers, promotion strategy, planning and delivery of management strategies through social media.

Nadiia Tkachenko

Nadiia is a lead architect with a significant experience working on residential, retail and commercial projects. Nadiia`s goal is to match client’s needs and to produce sustainable, functional and aesthetically pleasing designs. Her unique architectural and decorative solutions beautifully detailed and executed, each project emphasizes the integration of architecture and interior design.

Anela Bektasova

Manager Assistant
Coordinates work with employees. Provides organizational support for our showroom. She receives correspondence, calls, organizes business meetings.

Rovi Mae Dequito

Rovi provides both clerical and administrative support in a company. She is involved with the coordination and implementation of office procedures and she has a responsibility for specific projects and tasks.

Olena Zhemchugova

Olena is a leading architect with more than 13 years of experience in architecture, interior, exterior and landscape design. She develops successful project design at all stages. Olena is involved in all phases of construction project, from initial discussion with the client through the final delivery of the completed structure. She works with builders, contractors and engineers.

Altymuradov Toily

She is a creative specialist in design projects.

Alina Omelchuk

As senior designer, her main goal is creating stylish, elegant and luxurious spaces. Contributes her exemplary creative vision to ensure that every project is innovative, unique and distinctive. Highly qualified expert in luxury furniture, textile and materials.

Antonina Kosyachenko

Antonina has over 20 years of experience in architectural design for the projects which include residential and commercial sectors. She produces detailed workings, drawings and specifications. Antonina often collaborates with workers in related occupations, such as civil engineers, urban and regional planners, interior designers, and landscape architects.

Olesya Podesna

Olesya is an expert in bringing a client’s brand to life through the built environment. She is driven to fully understand the needs, aspirations of clients in order to create spaces where people truly want to be. She prepares structure specifications, drawings and construction documents.

Andrii Skliaryk

Andrii has over 10 years of experience in graphic design. He serves as creative lead on key design projects, working closely with senior leadership to develop graphics and visual treatments. Andrii establishes processes and serves as highly qualified specialist for creative projects.

Nataliya Singaevskaya

Nataliya prepares information regarding design, structure specifications, materials, color, equipment, estimated costs, and construction time. She knows how to make such building that all rooms will be light, cozy and the whole space will be well organized.

Dmytro Pasko

He works closely with the architectural and 3D design team in the preparation of 3D visualisation. Dmytro understands the concepts and initial design intent, and applies this into a graphic representation. This may involve reproducing the architects concept into a graphic form, or may involve interpretation and artistic design ability to represent the ideas in a graphic form and into photo-realistic 3D renderings and animations.

Yuliia Korotchuk

Yuliia develops and maintains an agreed project plan and detailed stage plans. She manages projects from conception through construction and completion. Yuliia assistes in selecting architectural, construction and engineering contractors and coordinates the work of the project.

Daria Kozak

Daria prepares and presents design proposals to clients. She produces detailed drawings, plan layout of project, negotiates with contractors and builders, makes site visites to check on progress.

Madhun Sunil

Madhun works with 3D design team in the preparation of 3D visualisation. He designs and builds 3D models based on the specifications of the clients.

Mayank Kapila

He collaborates with other 3D artists to create 3D models, environments, and other items depending on the clientele. Mayank performs most of the 3D modeling work on a computer using software sculpting and texturing programs.

Alibek Ulugbek

Alibek is a person with design skills and the artistic realization of a project that can comprehensively solve problems covering many areas. He develops projects and, in addition to other documentation and drawings, provides the customer with its visualization made using three-dimensional programs.

Roman Loiko

Roman is responsible for leading the creation, development, refinement, and documentation of innovative design solutions that are in line with the design objectives and goals of our company. He provides creative and technical leadership and direction for the project team, while understanding and achieving the needs of the client.

Evgeniy Valitov

Project Manager
Completion of design projects and visualization (selection of furniture, light, decor). Selection and search for pieces of furniture, light, decor and their alternatives.

Svetlana Shcherbina

Svetlana is a chief architect with over 20 years of experience. Leads projects in the residential and commercial sector, and also participates in all stages of project implementation prior to its delivery. Control over the process of commissioning the object, the key to its successful implementation.

Alexey Kanashkov

Prepares and presents a design proposal to clients. Creates detailed drawings showing how the rooms in the building will be organized, what the building will look like in its environment, and how it will be constructed.

Ekaterina Seregina

Ekaterina works through all the information about interior design, its technical characteristics, construction materials and project implementation time.

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