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Antonovich Group is the best source of finest fabrics, textiles and luxurious curtain design which has been presented and showcases different Luxurious Design. Every fabric materials has been compassed with a very attractive design and atistic embroideries matched with a very prestigious and stylish curtain accessories. In every Luxurious Curtains design, every client might be wondering, what it takes to complete a very wonderful masterpiece such as these glamorous curtain Design.  Our Interior Designers and production Team have shared some of the points and procedures on how they are completing every Luxury curtains Design. For Every Curtain Tailor and Embroider expert it always takes a premium class of silk and fabric to create a very stylish and wonderful design in every piece. Every s and fabric will be undergoing to a very meticulous selection to achieve the best material and variants for the perfect curtain result.

In every Production Stage in creating every Luxurious Curtain Design, our Team is always making sure to meet every standard world-class procedure in a world class development and techniques as well as applying the latest method of design system to achieve the best curtain design. Every fabrics and silk is cam from the world’s top fabrics composition with high class finishing and resources. It is always very important to work on the high standards and quality of every material to achieve all the best and Luxurious curtain design result. Curtains are holding the final touches of design that completes the window style arrangement that will complement the full interior design arrangement. It is also the best complement for the concept design of every area that will bring out the best design that will be perfectly matching the design of the full area.



Every interior design arrangement surely has in needs the most stylish fabrics that will enhance the entire decoration of the interior setup. Whether it is for a residential, commercial, hospitality, or industrial type of project, fabrics are one of the major decorative materials which are being part of the interior design that will create a great accent of style. Many of us think that fabrics have been recently being left out of style most especially for modern style interiors. There are many people who think that fabrics are all about curtains cover sheets and napkins only. In this article let us enlighten our ideas and gain more knowledge about fabrics and embroideries. And how it contributes elegance towards every luxurious interior design. The use of Luxury fabrics has been always advisable in considering the characteristics of the stay, space, furniture, etc., both domestically and in large interventions (hotels, convention rooms, offices, public halls selecting the best fabrics quality and with the latest trends in the choice of fabric type, colors and complements, always attending to the tastes, needs, and budget.

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