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 Architectural company Luxury Antonovich Design

The architectural company specializes in architecture, design, construction and project management. Our team of qualified experts carries out complex design works of any complexity from concept development to the architectural design of the largest multifunctional facilities. The core of our work is a multidimensional analysis that allows us to predict the result and to integrate architectural and design projects into reality. We pay special attention to the optimization process and strive to create objects that have aesthetic value.

The design company performs all stages of design work from the idea and development of design documentation to obtain permissive documentation and the implementation of architectural supervision of construction. One of the main areas of the company's activity is interior design. We are engaged in residential and commercial interior design services, and bring our projects to the full realization on a turnkey basis.

The team design process is built on a well-coordinated work and understanding between designers and customers at each stage of the project creation. We use ultramodern technologies in our work which help to optimize the cost of construction, and our customers are able to see and understand the logic of design.

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Our company has expertise in designing for various purposes and of different complexity. We provide services — starting with customer contact who has a free piece of land and who does not understand what he will do with it. In such cases, we carry out a comprehensive analysis of the potential site, perform research, and calculate the most beneficial options. On the basis of the obtained data, we develop a concept for the development of the territory, then — the design of the layout, we carry out the approval, we do the surveying, and then we proceed to design the architectural objects.


- Design of residential interiors

- Design of commercial interiors

- The turnkey interior design of offices, megastores, stores, restaurants, cafes, bars, boutiques, fitness centers, hotels, etc.

- Complete interior renovation

- New construction

- The exclusive interior design of apartments, cottages, multi-family solutions

- Design and production of furniture and interior items

- Landscaping

- Designing country houses

- Lighting Design


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