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Strive to Be Unique — Create An Image Of Your Home With Our Professional Help! 

Sewing curtains to order in the United States is the choice of those who appreciate uniqueness and have excellent taste. Curtains by Luxury Antonovich Design become the main focus of any interior, setting the overall style of the room. Our designers will develop for you the format of the future product, taking into account all the smallest nuances. You can purchase curtains to order from us — just pick up fabrics on your taste from our flawless collection, and we will create exquisite curtains that will become a zest of your home interior.

Bright Textile Accent Of Your Impeccable Interior — Designer Curtains By Luxury Antonovich Design!

Exclusive curtains from Luxury Antonovich Design are distinguished not only by the use of expensive exclusive fabrics, but also by the use of creative design ideas, the complexity of the design of execution. Such curtains are a reflection of the status and taste of the owner. There are no traditional materials for creating elite class examples, as each project involves an individual approach to the choice of fabrics and accessories.

Luxury Antonovich Design Company and its salon of elite curtains in the USA provide services in the field of interior textile sewing for many years. We have implemented thousands of exclusive projects for private fashionable interiors, as well as for the design of status restaurants, hotels and office premises.

The Key To Our Success Is The Exclusive Collections Of The Best Fabrics, Curtain Accessories And Unsurpassed Design!

The use of natural textiles in the interior is a sign of good taste and impeccable style of the owners of the house. Curtain compositions made from natural fabrics are best suited for country houses and bring a special natural flavor to the interior of city apartments. At home, warm, cozy products reliably perform the function assigned to them and serve as the final touch in the stylistic design of the home.

Our collection of fabrics includes the best samples of products from European manufacturers, including materials with special impregnations, created using the latest technologies — laser perforation, metallized threads. We also have at our disposal a large selection of natural fabrics — flax, silk, tapestry fabric and much more.

Excellent quality of natural materials, pleasant colors and interesting texture of curtains from Luxury Antonovich Design allow our curtains to look decent in any, even the most luxurious interior. Curtains under our design are ideal for bedrooms, children's rooms, living rooms and kitchens, and also find use in the decoration of office and study rooms.

Individual Curtains Order — Uniqueness To The Smallest Detail! 

Luxury Antonovich Design is engaged in the manufacture of curtains for individual orders, performing all the necessary work (measurements, selection of fabrics, tailoring, accessories), and we offer our customers refined sets of curtains for various institutions

Ordering tailoring curtains for individual orders in our company, you get a number of advantages:

  1. Any size. You can order drapes up to the floor, or choose curtains that end at the level under the window sill — only you determine the length and width of the product on which the number and volume of folds depends.
  2. Any design. In our showroom, you can order crossed or double curtains, practical roll designs and luxurious curtains with lambrequins or other complex decor options. Our experienced craftswomen make even the most non-standard ideas of yours come true.
  3. Production in a short time. Instead of losing a few days, or even weeks, on the selection of ready-made curtains that suit you, it is enough to choose the fabric you like, and we will sew for you the curtains in the US of the right size and shape in the shortest possible time.

You Will Be Pleasantly Surprised By the Creative And
Well-Coordinated Process Of Our Work! 

Textile decoration of windows is a true art, which is fully owned by designers of Luxury Antonovich Design. Sewing curtains from natural fabrics involves several steps:

— Development of a unique design project taking into account the characteristics of the room and interior, the shades and texture of furniture and the general atmosphere of the house.

— Preparation of the sketch, making adjustments and coordination with the customer.

— Selection of elite fabrics, decor, accessories from a large collection of luxury materials.

— Preparation of a project that allows you to personally evaluate the future interior solution.

— Production of curtains in the shortest time.

The quality of our work confirms the impeccable reputation of our curtains showroom and endless stream of positive feedback. Unlike purchasing factory-made products, making custom-made curtains in the USA is an opportunity to create truly unique curtains, the color, style and format of which will fully reflect your desires. Each curtain production involves professional designers and experienced craftsmen — we will create exactly what you dreamed of!

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