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Luxury Antonovich Design doesn’t just do home decoration, we are also the leader in creating hotel designs. Our professional team of designers is equipped with the right experience and knowledge in doing the best hotel design in the world. We create unique designs and we do it beautifully. Not only do we do interior design, but we also do exterior designs for the whole hotel. In this section, you will see a lot of gorgeous hotel design and the expertise of our huge team is well known across the world. Luxury Antonovich Design takes pride in its huge selection of hotel designs and is very particular with every decoration that we put out. Our hotel designs are magnificent with a different style that is tailored for the preference of the client. It is a collaboration between our team and the client and we make sure that their wants and needs are met. You are the leader in every project and we will implement your design properly, in full implementation of the project, from sketches to its final output.


In creating a hotel design, we are very keen on the details. We make sure who the clients are and what market are they in. Each and every decoration is well reviewed. Our offerings are enormous and the details are unlimited. We do complete designs and here are just some of what we do:

Luxury Antonovich Design is the top makers of the luxury interior, whether it is small or big. We are not just a company that offers beautiful design, we are a company that offers flexibility and functionality.


With our company, you are guaranteed to have a hotel design with such elegance. Each hotel design is made with proper master planning. This is why our designs are unique compared to other interior design companies.

Luxury approach

Hotel designs should be luxurious. After all, hotels are for luxury. Our skilled professional interior designers are used to creating the most luxurious interior designs not only for hotels but also for retail businesses where designs should be meticulous and properly designed. Our approach in interior design is applauded in different aspects of the industry and we are sure that you will love our designs and approach to beauty.

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