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Luxury Antonovich Design is the top company when it comes to any types of flooring in any kinds of home. Our company is very particular with the right type of flooring because we know that it is subjected to a lot of issues and tear. Everyone steps on it. Heavy furniture is placed on top of it. Basically, there are a lot of things going on top of the flooring. This is why in Luxury Antonovich Design, it is very important that we assess the home because we want to not only beautiful but also functional. We are here to help you finalize materials in your are, and we do it smartly and very practical. Prevent having issues in your flooring by availing our extensive services in flooring designs.


Luxury Antonovich Design is known for its great service. We provide:


Ceramic Tiles

We believe that entrances are one of the main important parts of your room because of its heavy foot traffic. That is why we offer the best durable flooring that you could possibly get. We provide ceramic tiles and many more that are budget-friendly and won't cost a lot. Luxury Antonovich Design is known for it's very easy to clean flooring that comes in several patterns, textures, and designs. Each and every flooring material can suit your personality and the design of your home. We are a good choice because of beauty and durability. They’re stunning and classy but not expensive.

Porcelain Tiles

Our tiles are subjected to high amounts of errors because of all the steps that we put in there. In Luxury Antonovich Design, every tile is durable and we offer an even more luxury with our porcelain tiles. Our porcelain tiles come in different styles and price range. Our floorings are strong and would prevent any slipping and accidents that may happen. Our tiles suit all kinds of room and are best because of its beauty and affordability.


Aside from providing tiles, Luxury Antonovich Design also create beautiful carpets that are soft and neat. We provide varieties of designs which comes in different patterns and style. Our carpets can withstand stains and dirt. Our carpets are sure soft underfoot, won't take a lot of money from you, and are easy to clean. Check out our huge portfolio to see more. Our flooring can help beautify the entire room. We use materials and details that are excellent in quality. It can add warmth to your room and are easy to maintain.

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