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Luxury Flooring Design UAE

Artistic expression of interiors by Luxury Antonovich Design is largely connected with the luxurious floor design. Carved marble floors became a business card of the studio. These are real works of art that adorn the most luxurious and respectable interiors. The floor design is integral to the walls and ceiling design. Also, floor design harmonizes with other decor items. In this project, carved patterns on the marble floor are created of several stone types, including semi-precious materials. And the patterns are similar to ornaments on a luxurious Persian rug in the living room. The floor design is a delicate and elegant way to zone any space. Here the carved pattern became a way to determine the boundaries of the living area. The carved floor is a way to emphasize the artistic value of the interior. This masterpiece will go down in history and will delight more than one generation of the villa owners. The luxurious floor design is based on the proper use of modern technologies.

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