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Corporate Group Luxury Antonovich Design is a multi-purpose construction company with master experience in the industry. As part of its activities, Luxury Antonovich Design provides professional integrated planning services for investment and construction projects in the United States. We offer our company as a permanent partner in the maintenance of construction objects and offer a wide range of services for all stages of the project.

Thanks to many years of experience and multifaceted work in certain areas, we are perfectly familiar with all processes and understand the requirements of our customers. We support our clients in the implementation of investment projects — from preparation, through planning, until the completion of the project, and often longer. The integrated form of consultation, planning and implementation is the guarantor of maximum benefit for the client. In our role as a general planner, we lead and coordinate as a project manager, we play the role of a universal specialist, solving any problem.

What is Master Planning?

The building master plan is a basic construction document that serves as the basis for the creation, as well as the development of various subsequent design solutions. It contains generalized necessary information about such items as the planning structure of the construction object, its building and zoning, gardening of the adjacent territory, its landscaping, information on engineering support and the proposed transport service of the territory adjacent to the object.

The work on the master plan is an important stage, thanks to which Luxury Antonovich Design will determine the size of all temporary, as well as the estimated financial, resource injections that will be made during the construction of the facility as a whole. On the basis of the master plan, you, as investors and customers of the facility will be able to imagine and clarify various technical and economic parameters of the construction project.

Why is it Important to Have a

Good Master Plan for Your Project?

The construction master plan is a planning documentation of the construction site, which reflects: projected and existing permanent buildings and structures, temporary buildings, mechanized installations and the location of utilities that are necessary for the entire complex of construction works.

The main operations to be carried out when creating project documentation, as well as working drawings for the master plan of construction provided by Luxury Antonovich Design:

— Formation of various general data, and display them according to the working schemes and drawings.

— Development of a situational plan showing the placement of the object under construction in relation to nearby settlements, sources of water, energy, heat, etc.

— Drawing up a center plan, as well as a plan of existing earth masses, a reference plan, a landscaping plan.

— Development and detailed plan for the organization of local relief.

— Plan for future improvement of the territory adjacent to the standing object.

— Creating a plan of all existing and proposed to the creation of engineering communication networks.

— Elaboration of the scheme of remote elements.

The final working documentation upon completion of the work will include:

Ordering the master plan in the USA is not difficult. It is much more difficult to choose a competent executor to entrust the creation of a quality master plan. Luxury Antonovich Design Company is a team of highly qualified professionals who have extensive experience and are ready to provide their services in various areas of construction design.

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