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Exclusive Villa Project in UAE

A Palace Dream House by Luxury Antonovich Design

Everyone is Dreaming with a Pure White, Luxurious Grand Entrance and a very wide space of the Landscape area. In presenting this Architectural Design from one of our Exclusive Project in UAE, we would like to emphasize that all the successful Architectural Work is always coming from the very systematically developments of the Layout and General Planning of the project. The great foundation of every successful Architectural Design is from the very genius arrangement of all specific areas by arranging all the aspects accordingly. All of the important details will be well presented to the client for approvals. And as soon as the clients have been agreed that is the only time that the Architectural design Team will be starting to create and present the 3D Design of the projects. Same as the presentation of the layout, all design will be well presented to the client according to every stage of the project. The next step will be the selection of Materials, Luxury Antonovich Design has been engaged with the top trusted Companies from Turkey and Italy which are the best providers of the unique pieces and customized furniture’s. From this, Our Team can be very well presented different set of Quotations and proposals for the client to approve it according to the budget of the project.

Stages and Developments of an Effective Layout Designing for and Exclusive Architectural Design

The Superb Creation of an Exclusive Architectural Design

This Exclusive Architectural Design has been composed and completed with premium class materials from Turkey and Italy from the roof materials, all the Exterior walls, paint, gypsum, balustrade , and other special features. Since that the owner of this project is very meticulous when it comes to attention to every detail, Our Architectural design team has remained focus on the special points. The elevation scheme of this Architectural Design was extremely made with the most accurate measurements and proper balancing. Luxury Antonovich Design Team once again marks up another exceptional world-class design in presenting this Exclusive Architectural Design from the very organized Layout.

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