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The overall appearance of the architectural and interior design of every residential project always depends on how it has been developed and established accordingly. By performing the most systematic method of space scheming, Luxury Antonovich Design always performed the most expert planning solutions by arranging every layout of every house plan. Aside from having the most creative home designer, the company has its most expert team that is conducting the complete strategic planning for every house project. All types of home interior design require the most systematic solutions in developing every design detail which is being styled and decorated by house designers. But even before the home interior design is being performed, the first step of work in building the house project is the planning stage.


The most challenging task in performing such developments for residential properties is creating a luxury floor plan. This may have the highest standards of executions in levels and dimensions of every interior area. However, the greatest goal in developing strategic house plans is to perform the perfect balance in the interior design set up and spaces that will bring out amazing results towards the interior and its house floor plan results. With the Luxury Antonovich design team, every house plans development is rest assured being conducted into the most systematic procedure that will surely be resulted in the finest house design.


Luxury floor plans in being conducted into elite residential properties such as luxury mansions, Palaces, Royal villas, and exclusive apartment designs. This high-end residential property requires the most outstanding standards from the house floor plan up to the design implementations and arrangement of interior setup. By performing an accurate development towards the luxury floor plan, every house interior designer will surely bring out the highest level of design execution that will definitely meet every requirement of the client.

Every major area of the interior requires an amazing floor plan arrangement, with Luxury Antonovich design, every part of the house has a very important role that requires different importance in layout and design arrangement towards every interior. By conducting the right space planning every interior mood will achieve the finest elegance and greatness in balance in every design and decoration. For example, a Modern bedroom design that has its own wardrobe and bathroom in the interior will be very well developed and styled by modern bedroom interior designers. By performing strategic planning, the modern bedroom design will surely have the perfect balance in the interior with the perfect calmness and coziness.

With Luxury Antonovich Design every residential planning will always lead to achieving the most successful and phenomenal luxury house design result. It always takes the best team and expert executions to be able to achieve the most satisfying design result. And by conducting the strategic house planning right, no matter how big or small the house is will definitely achieve the most satisfying mood.

We create the perfect balance for every design and layout of the luxury house plan. As we have the most expert and professional team that has the full ability to conduct the most systematic and strategic solutions in developing every house plan accordingly. 

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