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A talented team of Luxury Antonovich Design — the architectural and interior design company will implement interior and exterior solutions of any complexity, fill your home or office with unique designer furniture and lighting of own production, create an exclusive decor, carpets and curtains, help with landscaping, completing the property and conducting architectural supervision.

The main characteristic of modern interior by Luxury Antonovich Design implemented in any stylistic direction (modern, classic, art-deco, eclectic) is a professionally modeled space, which is competently filled with light, the necessary stylish furniture and decor items, both of own design and production, as well as delivered from the best European and USA manufacturers.

A qualified and creative approach to design of home interiors and fit-out implies a harmonious combination of architecture and the interior image of the premises. Our team individually approaches each project to create a harmonious space inside you home and beyond.

The work of Luxury Antonovich Design Company under the guidance of Katrina and Elena Antonovich is completely compatible with stealing your hearts with its incredible sense of beauty and an interesting approach to filling the interior, furniture design and a subtle reception of detail.

If you are looking for ideas for a stylish and cozy interior, then we are the one you need!



Avliyakuliyev Faruh
Avliyakuliyev Faruh

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Rovi Mae Dequito
Rovi Mae Dequito


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