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Anchorage, Alaska

Interior design Anchorage, Alaska 

Amazing interior design Anchorage, Alaska  

It should be noted that the author's design can change any room, making it original and very stylish. And here it is difficult not to agree that such work costs money, as the profession of a designer requires creativity and the constant birth of various creative ideas. When choosing between convenience and beauty, find the golden mean. Beautiful furniture can be quite comfortable for relaxation, and beautiful interior can please the eye. 

Amazing interior design Anchorage, Alaska

The interior in the classical style from the Luxury Antonovich Design demonstrates the virtuoso skill and talent of designers. Designers of the studio with creative inspiration approach to each project and create unique art interiors in the style of Art Deco, Provence, Empire, modern style, American style, high-tech style, Baroque and Rococo. In the interior of this apartment, the splendor of the palace magnificence underscores the high status and taste of the apartment owners who decided to order amazing interior design Toronto. The stylish interior is filled with author's decor elements. The snow-white ceiling is decorated with elegant curls of stucco moldings, some of which are covered with silver. Filling the panels with natural onyx stone enhances the feeling of grandeur. Massively carved frames in the Baroque style harmoniously frame modern gadgets, such as a plasma panel in the living room. The floor of natural marble with ornate curls of carved stone patterns adequately highlights the luxurious upholstered furniture with noble textiles with handmade embroidery and graceful pillows. Finishes a magnificent picture of the amazing interior design Toronto — massive solemn chandeliers with crystal pendants and beautiful sconces on the walls.  The decoration of the windows is in harmony with the upholstery of furniture. Classical style is inconceivable without columns. In the stylish interior of the apartment, snow-white columns with silvery capitols define the border of the living room. 

Best architect Anchorage, Alaska

Classic interior with notes of Art Deco by the studio Luxury Antonovich Design harmoniously looks stunningly luxurious and romantic. The high ceilings of apartments allowed best architect Toronto to decorate the ceiling with several niches, stucco decorations, a combination of several colors and luxurious massive chandeliers. Romance of comfort is also created by the decor of the walls in the elite interior of the apartment. The panels on the walls are framed with a silvery carved decor and filled with silk wallpaper with a delicate, exquisite pattern that echoes the upholstery of the soft sofa and the delicate base of the coffee table. In the decoration of the windows, silk curtains are gracefully picked up, revealing a delicate white lace of patterns on a transparent tulle. Exquisite sconces with chocolate shades are in perfect harmony with the chandeliers and with the decoration of the windows. Ornate designs in the interior best architect Toronto is used in the decor of marble floors in the elite interior of the apartment and in the decor of the mirror panels. Part of the living room is a sitting area in which the plasma panel is framed by a massive baroque frame. A comfortable sofa is lined with lilac velvet, and the mood of the holiday is created by crystal waterfalls of author's chandeliers. The dining room, kitchen and living room areas are united in a single territory of splendor and luxury. The laconic white kitchen modestly highlights the luxurious living room. Interiors in all popular styles — Baroque, Rococo, Art Deco, Empire, Provence, American style, modern style — in the works of the talented designers of the studio ANTONOVICH DESIGN — this is every time an individual interior for a comfortable luxurious life. 

Designers-professionals of the studio create fashion trends, turning apartments into cozy nests, or in luxury rooms. In any case, all this will be done creatively, unusually and unconventionally. Our company will help you make your home beautiful and cozy! 

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