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Minneapolis - St. Paul, Minnesota

Interior design Minneapolis - St. Paul, Minnesota

Design of interiors, landscapes, and architecture by the Luxury Antonovich Design Studio 

The Luxury Antonovich Design specializes in the development of a variety of design projects of any complexity, architectural and landscape design. The purpose of our firm is to create a functional and original design that will undoubtedly be not only harmonious but also practical. All the designers are professionals and the best in their business. Therefore, if you contact us, you will be in good hands. 

The Luxury Antonovich Design Studio will provide you with the necessary assistance and help with the realization of your ideas and requirements. The task is to create a balance and a harmonious combination of architecture and landscape design of the territory. Harmonization of the exterior with the home interior style solution. We develop each project individually, based on the requirements and wishes of the customer. 

The design firm of interiors and landscapes always uses bright images and fresh ideas. At your request, each interior design of a house can become a part of your style, emphasize the character and at the same time be as functional and comfortable as possible. The creation of each design is a great creative process, requiring a lot of effort and time both from the customer and from the designer. The main thing is to come to a common agreement on both sides. The customer's ideas and the professionalism and creative thinking of the designer always give an excellent result. 

The Luxury Antonovich Design is a team of talented and professional designers who will be happy to cooperate with any customer. We will find an approach for everyone. All design projects that we create are unique. Only an individual approach in each individual case can provide an ideal result in the end. In addition, the use of the latest technologies and programs significantly improves the quality of our work. 

The firm offers design of interiors, landscape, and architecture and a professional assistant. Need an interior designer? Our highly skilled designers will develop for you an individual design — a project on the basis of which all the necessary work will be done to improve the quality and visual perception of the interior, landscape of the territory or architecture. 

The interior design firm is the only right decision in order to make your home and your environment much better and more comfortable. After detailed consultation of the designer and having listened to his ideas, having received the analysis of the site or premises, the customer will be sure that he made the right choice by contacting us for help. Because a successful interior design and landscape play a very important role in human life. The influence that the environment has on us models our behavior and the possibility of relaxation is very important in the daily life of everyone. 

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