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Fort Worth, Texas

Architect design firm Fort Worth, Texas

best architect Fort Worth, Texas Katrina Antonovich

What for a resident of a large metropolis is needed for a perfect life? This is a comfortable place for living, meeting with friends and comfortable rest. And what could be better than a unique design project made especially for you? Let's look the works of best architect New York. 

Ideas of best architect Fort Worth, Texas

The owners of the elite apartment in New York decided to order an interior design in architect design firm New York on the recommendation of their friends, for which the Luxury Antonovich Design' designers created a project in the classical style. For its elite apartment, was chosen the Art Deco style. The splendor of luxury filled every square meter of the apartment. Sufficient ceiling height in the apartment made it possible to apply spectacular design techniques. The ceilings are decorated with deep niches with an original decor, lines of gentle blue light, which provide modern led ribbons and massive elegant chandeliers. A cozy living room brought a wonderful mood of the warmth to the interior of the apartment in New York. First of all, this mood provided by a narrow strip of a decorative modern fireplace. A luxurious elongated soft sofa is lined with elite silk velvet cream shade and complemented by a lot of silk pillows in chocolate tones. Traditionally for the Art Deco style, the interior is decorated with large mirror panels that visually increase the space. A big role in the interior of the elite apartment in New York is played by a large dining room. It demonstrates the hospitality of the apartment owners. 

The architect design firm Fort Worth, Texas presents 

The splendor and the incredible beauty of the interior in classic style were created by interior designers of the architect design firm New York. On the wave of creative inspiration and in close co-authorship with the owners of the elite apartment, this beautiful interior was created. Every square meter of the interior is perfect and in harmony. Each square meter is filled with a luxurious decor according to the author's designs. In this interior, everything is unique and unrepeatable. Upholstered furniture according to the sketches of the designers of the Luxury Antonovich Design admirable by its magnificent decoration. A large comfortable sofa is embroidered with noble, gentle lilac textiles and is encrusted around the perimeter with a lace of carved decor. In harmony with the sofa are also decorated and chairs with a noble bearing. The ceiling tells its own story of beauty and luxury. The shallow, smooth lines of the niches are illuminated gently by a blue neon illumination, and the elegant chandelier in the center of the ceiling is perfectly combined with soft furniture and resembles a bunch of wisterias in the summer garden. Complementing the luxurious ceiling design is round niche with a filling of translucent acrylic and soft backlighting. It captures the motifs of the ceiling design and a magnificent floor made of natural marble with an exquisite pattern of carved stone. In fine classical style, interior designers added light touches of Art Deco. Mirror panels that decorate one of the walls in the living room, fill the interior with glitter and chic and expand the space of a luxurious apartment in a modern style from architect design firm New York. 

Works of the Luxury Antonovich Design Studio are always exclusive projects. The firm offers a full range of design turnkey services. It is comfortable to work with. Order interior design New York in our firm and we will create a design that will be part of your cozy and comfortable life! 

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