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The main thing for each of us is to feel a sense of happiness every day. Very often the main defining moment — it is our own home. This is the place where you always want to return, relax and where everything obeys your rules. 

Our customers when purchased an elite real estate, originally dreamed of getting their own oasis of aristocracy and elegance within a single apartment. Working in the premium segment, designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design, defined for themselves the concept of “the most luxury apartments in Nigeria” as projects of the highest quality and masterpiece of design art. In this article, we want to talk a little about the new apartment project in Logos, which became the embodiment of palatial luxury. Within a city apartment in a large and beautiful metropolis, we organized a space comparable to the best palaces of Versailles, Vienna or Paris. At the same time, every detail of the decor and every design solution is exclusively individual. Each apartment design project is unique, as each of our customers is a unique person. 

The interior of this apartment has a very light and refined charm of classic style. Interior designers start this luxury interior with the corridor and develop the interior design concept of the luxury apartment in Logos. A small corridor is spacious enough to accommodate all the traditional elements of the decor in this style. A high ceiling decorated with a medallion with magnificent stucco decor and a traditional crystal chandelier. Walls decorated with wallpaper with an ornate Damask ornament. A luxurious mirror in a massive carved frame with gilding and a console table help to create the right first impression of the apartment. The floor made of natural marble miraculously highlight the brighter decor moments in the interior of the corridor. 

Opening the doors to the living room, we find ourselves in the beautiful world of beauty, the warmth of home comfort and unpretentious luxury. And the first expression of the apartment in Lagos acquires a very concrete meaning. Designers use fashionable and time-tested methods uniting the space of the dining room and living room. The interior is very picturesque thanks to beautiful art paintings. In general, a light palette of shades gives the interior of the living room a very light and festive mood. If in the hall the floor is decorated with practical and noble marble, in the living room the warmth of the hearth is provided by natural parquet from a light solid wood. 

A significant role in creating a certain mood was played by beautiful Italian furniture in upholstery made of milky blue silk with printed ornaments. Classic curtains of soft blue silk are in perfect harmony with the furniture, and a wave of soft lambrequin gives the windows a special charm. Blue carpet with a classic pattern in the living room area become a really bright accent, which significantly beautifies the room. The designers decided to take a bold step and added a special majestic mood to the apartment interior. 

These are two marble columns that visually divided the dining room and living room area. The glossy sheen of white Italian marble fits perfectly with gilded capitals. To make the interior easier and visually expand the space, the authors of the project use a win-win option in the form of inserts from mirror panels in the decor of the walls. 

The bedroom interior has acquired its own individual charm, thanks to the juicy palette of shades, in which lilac and violet tones dominate. Designers perfectly emphasize the architectural features of the apartment with the help of decor and textile design. But the kitchen interior became a separate story of this project. Here the main motive is ethnic. Kitchen furniture in the minimalist style of contrasting black and white became a bright accent of absolute comfort and ergonomics in the apartment interior. 

This design project, which symbolizes the most luxury apartments in Lagos, once again demonstrated that bold experiments and competent design solutions contribute to the creation of exclusive and gorgeous interiors. 

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