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San Luis Obispo, California

Architectural design San Luis Obispo, California

Luxury Antonovich Design is a team of professionals creating interesting projects in any style. We know exactly what our client wants because we study individual needs. Therefore, our projects are unique and truly pleasing. The distinctive features of our team the understanding of all the nuances of construction and further operation. We understand in advance what materials will be required, how the communications of the premises are arranged and many other factors, considering which, we are creating a really beautiful, high-quality and functional interiors. 

Interior design 

We create interiors for apartments, houses and various business purposes. 

Exterior design 

We create a unique look of buildings from relevant and modern materials. Landscaping We create a comfortable environment.

Architectural design 

We design buildings that you want to build. 

Turnkey projects 

We perform work of any complexity. 

How we work 

From idea to implementation: architectural design allows you to easily and painlessly go through all stages of construction — from concept development to project implementation and interior decoration. 

We create not just “drawings” — we are developing a model of a future building to analyze its functionality, possible problems and search for optimal solutions. 

Why clients choose the company Luxury Antonovich Design 

Architectural design involves the creation of individual projects, which reflects the worldview of the customer and fully meets his needs for comfort. We use only proven technologies and materials that provide high operational properties of your house, and the latest trends in architecture, landscape, and design allow us to implement original and bold design solutions. 


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