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Architectural design is activity aimed to create sketches and working designs of various residential or industrial buildings, as well as design documentation for their erection or reconstruction. The main tasks in this case are: 

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The development of an architectural project is a complex multi-stage process. A group of professionals working includes architects, engineers, and designers. At the preliminary stage, the requirements and wishes of the customer for the appearance and arrangement of the design projected are specified in detail. Architectural projects are developed taking into account the available geological features of the terrain (the soil features, the relief, and many other factors), as well as the need to organically fit the building into the landscape. 

The design work implies the preparation of a draft design, which determines the architectural and planning solutions and the main parameters of the planned structure, the materials used, etc. Based on the preliminary design, a working draft is being developed — a set of technical documentation that is necessary for further construction work. 

Preparation of an individual architectural project is always taking place in close contact with the customer: this allows you to take into account his wishes and comments.  The architectural design service is needed not only for the construction of a new building. Even minor changes in the layout (for example, window transfer or removal of a partition) also require adjustment of the project. This type of work is also carried out by our staff. 

Another one of our services our service is the development of the interior design. If you need a professionally prepared interior design project for a house or apartment — please contact us. The design project prepared by our designers will become the basis for creating a harmonious and functionally organized space for the house, cottage, office, apartment etc. The use of modern technologies allows us to perform the entire scope of work in the shortest possible time, thus saving time and money for the customer.

The architectural firm Luxury Antonovich Design is a team of professionals developed more than 200 architectural projects. Contact us and we will give you quality service! 

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