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Why you should order curtains from professional designers. If you want the decoration of the windows of the house to be different in individuality, qualities, and attractive design, place an order for exclusive curtain designs at a professional design studio such as the Luxury Antonovich Design Studio. The fact that you should buy a finished product in a retail network, there are several reasons: Finished products of an unknown manufacturer do not meet the standards of sanitary safety, as they are often sewed from poor quality fabrics that release harmful substances to humans. Exclusive curtain designs made to order are made of quality, safe materials. 

Sewing curtains that enter the retail network can be manufactured in clandestine factories where unskilled workers work. Such a product loses its appeal after the first wash. Sewing exclusive curtain designs to order guarantees the uniqueness of the product, the uniqueness of the design, the curtain, as you will not have any of your acquaintances. The curtains, made according to the size of the window opening in accordance with the general style of decoration, can best emphasize the individuality of the room. Before you order curtains, you can consult with professionals who like no one else knows everything about the quality of the tissues and the rules of care for them 

Designer, fulfilling the order, takes into account all the wishes of the customer. You get exactly the model you ordered. The product made to order will always be more beautiful than the store curtains. What affects the cost? The opinion that the manufacture of exclusive curtain designs to order will cost more does not always correspond to the truth. Of course, an elite model of luxurious fabric will be expensive. If you want to have in your house unique curtains that perfectly fit into the interior of the house, emphasizing its advantages, it is not worth saving, but order the product from. 

Elements that increase the base cost: 

Exclusive curtain designs - Comfort in the house - a good night's sleep 

Tips for choosing a design The true sense of harmony between exclusive curtain designs and the surrounding space depends not only on the quality of the fabric and the availability of certain accessories. Of great importance is the design solution - the softness of the drapery, the perfectly chosen palette of colors, the refinement of the lines. When planning to make curtains by individual order, the housewives flip through colorful catalogs or surf the Internet in search of a suitable model. What exclusive curtain designs to order is suitable for the kitchen, bedroom or living room, the Luxury Antonovich Design Studio's experienced designers can tell. 


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