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Mississauga (Canada)

Interior design Mississauga (Canada)

The most expensive Mississauga (Canada) apartments 

Real values that define happiness are the warmth in a family, success in business and your own family nest. The house becomes one of the defining moments that fill our life with absolute comfort. This comfort does not depend on the size and area. It depends on the right environment, the organization of space and interior design, which reflects the lifestyle of the house owner. “The most expensive apartments in Florida”, became a separate direction in work the company Luxury Antonovich Design. It is the way to maximize the boundaries of a city apartment to a scale of luxury and comfort of a large mansion. And in this article, we want to get you acquainted with a new apartment design project in Florida. 

For the basic design concept, we offered a traditional classic style. Remaining relevant and in-demand, this style gives the opportunity to emphasize the luxury of the house as much as possible. Designers around the world compete in the elegance of ideas, making a bet on uniqueness. This is a very complex and very interesting style that requires maximum impact, deep talent and impeccable taste. The best designer of Florida Katrina Antonovich improved the rules and canons of the classic with the elegance of design art. The interior looks very light, airy, relaxed and festive. 

Living Room Design 

The epicenter of any private interior is always the living room. This is the most open space, which can have several purposes. For decades, the openness of space remains relevant. Architects and designers try their best to expand the framework, to increase the area both visually and realistically. The living room invariably borders with the interior of the dining room, and sometimes with the kitchen. In this project, the living room interior is fresh and clean. A bright palette of shades has become one way to visually increase space. As furniture, the designers offered an elegant Italian set made of soft blue silk with printed ornaments. Light parquet made of valuable wood with English styling became an accent of the warmth of home comfort. The design of curtains harmoniously resembles the upholstery of furniture. The creamy blue shade of silk looks great on the soft folds of the drapery. High ceilings serve as a zoning point for the interior. The niches define the boundaries of each of the zones with their outlines. And white stucco medallions with crystal chandeliers serve as the determinants of the centers. In the interior, there is an accent wall with a beautiful artistic painting. The image of the summer terrace on the lake shore in Italy fills the room with a wonderfully romantic mood. In the decor of the walls, the authors of the project use elite silk wallpaper with delicate damask ornaments and inserts from mirror panels. Another bold and very luxurious solution was the use of white marble columns with gilded stucco capitals which divide the living and dining area. 

Bedroom design 

The apartment interior has a very bright character. Each room is beautiful in its own way. Each room has a unique charm of modern luxury. In the interior of the bedroom, Katrina Antonovich created a relaxing and cozy atmosphere. In the palette of shades, cream and lilac predominate. With the help of an ideal organization in a relatively small space, the authors of the project create absolute comfort. The windows are decorated with beautiful curtains of silk velvet warm lilac shade. In the decor of the walls, the wallpaper in pastel colors of lilac shades with printed ornaments looks perfect. To place accents and make the interior artistically expressive, designers use beautiful furniture. A luxurious bed with a high soft headboard was complemented by charming bedside tables. The moment of additional comfort is a soft ottoman with graceful outlines. Near the boudoir table, the interior was decorated with a very beautiful chair with inlaid of carved hand-made decor. 

Kitchen Design 

This room in the apartment also has its own unique character. Interior designers have proposed a quite bold option when the classic borders to minimalism. This ingenious idea allowed dissolving kitchen furniture in the space and highlight other luxury items. A snow-white smooth surface of glossy facades stylishly contrasts with the black marble of working surfaces. The muted shade of the walls harmoniously blends with the light marble on the floor. And the most striking accent in the interior of the kitchen were furniture items in upholstery made of purple velvet. A beautiful Roman curtain made of translucent white silk and soft lambrequin made of purple velvet become accents of the classic. A high ceiling with stucco decor and a traditional crystal chandelier make it possible to say that it is the classical style that plays the main role in this interior. 

The most expensive Florida apartments are interiors that embody eternal values. Those values that for centuries are not subjected to fashion and taste changes. The world will always strive for the ideal, harmony and aesthetic perfection. And we believe that thanks to this desire, the classic style will never go out of fashion. 

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