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Vancouver (Canada)

Best home interior design Vancouver (Canada)

Designer home decor Vancouver (Canada) 

We design interiors and architectural objects. We create a spatial planning solution, we design individual design projects. We carry out realistic 3D visualization, we select furniture and finishing materials, we collect estimates from shops-partners. We prepare the working drawings. We coordinate the project with the construction team, carry out the author's supervision - we follow the exact implementation of the project. 

Designer home decor Vancouver (Canada)

Surprising in its beauty, designer home decor Vancouver (Canada) in classical style with bright and festive accents of Art Deco by the studio Luxury Antonovich Design. This interior can be described by many epithets - tasty, soft, sweet, luxurious, gorgeous. It is these emotions that cause the interior design of an elite apartment in the classical style. Interior designer home decor Montreal is a special approach to each customer and to each design project. This approach is based on professionalism, experience, talent, and inspiration. And most importantly, it is based on many years of experience in creating elite interiors in the classical style, in the Baroque, Rococo, Art Deco, Provence, Empire style, etc. The author's interior in this apartment is individual in each square meter. A luxurious sofa, designed according to the sketches of the studio designers with soft cream-backs, like a sweet marshmallow fills the atmosphere of the apartment with a delicious mood. The golden edging below and the golden cushions add luxurious look. The snow-white ceiling is decorated with smooth niche lines with white illumination and strewn with stars of small lamps. In the center of the ceiling, defining the central zone of the living room hangs a massive solemn chandelier. In the decor of the walls, interior designers used natural marble to emphasize the status and luxury of apartment apartments. The light marble floor continues this harmony of tenderness and refinement, and the pattern of carved marble perfectly emphasizes the overall style of the apartment in the classical style.  

Best home interior design images Vancouver (Canada) 

Beautiful author's apartment design project in a modern style from the Luxury Antonovich Design. Interior designers, relying on a solid successful experience of creating interiors in a variety of styles, such as classical style, Baroque, Rococo, Art Deco, Gothic, Empire, Provence, modern style, high-tech, Oriental or American style, create so perfect best home interior design images Montreal. A solid portfolio of created projects attracts customers from all over the world. In this design project, modern style with laconic features of minimalism flawlessly reflected all the dreams and wishes of our customers about their ideal living environment. A bright range of colors, an abundance of natural marble in the apartments gives the apartment a spacious look and a sense of coolness. Designers have thought over every detail so that the apartment owners feel comfortable and cozy. The floor in the hall and dining area is made of natural marble, and to feel the warmth of home comfort, the floor in the living room is made of a parquet board. The very masterly interior designer played with lighting. The white smooth surface of the ceilings is decorated with shallow niches with a hidden backlighting all around the perimeter. Complementing the lighting in the interior use of hidden illumination in the shelves on the walls and lighting the bottom of a comfortable bed in the bedroom. In the light pastel color of the interior of the living room, the curtains of natural silk of chocolate shade are very juicy and "delicious". The original author's furniture looks very exquisite while remaining comfortable and functional. 

The Luxury Antonovich Design it is: 

     Professional design. We plan the space competently, we know how to make it convenient and functional. 

     Individual design. We create interiors, comfortable and harmonious for each client. 

    Working draft. We develop drawings, detailed and understandable to anyone performer. 

    Author's supervision. We select finishing materials and furniture, follow the implementation object exactly according to the ordered project.  

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