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Exclusive, original interior is a way of self-expression, evidence of impeccable taste and high status of the owner of an apartment or a country house. Today, individuality is the main trend in interior design, so exclusive interiors are in great demand. There are a lot of options for decorating interiors. Different styles, colors, and shades, furniture, decorative elements — it's easy to get lost, choosing the right solution. If you have already made your choice about interior and want to apply it in your home or if you have no idea how to decorate rooms, contact the Luxury Antonovich Design. 

Development of a design project for practical, aesthetic interior is a task for true professionals. It is necessary to consider many factors, carefully study features of premises. Without special knowledge and experience, it is difficult to create something worthwhile. Qualified designers track the latest innovations and trends. They will offer the best options for decorating the rooms in your house or apartment. 

Features of luxury interiors 

Customers often want to get an exclusive, luxury interior. The popularity of this option is due to several reasons. Firstly, it's beautiful, secondly, it's practical, thirdly, it's quality. Luxury interior — the choice of real aesthetes. The main feature of this solution is not high cost, but uniqueness. The advantages of luxury interiors include the following: 

Luxury Antonovich Design Studio's designers take into account the characteristics of each room. This is necessary to select the most appropriate finishing materials, furniture items, and decor. For example, in the kitchen there is a high humidity, temperature drops, knives and pans can fall on the floor, so durable materials are suitable here, which are not affected by moisture, fumes, and easy to clean. 

Development of design project 

The interior design firm offers original solutions, economy, and luxury options. Depending on the financial possibilities and wishes of the customer, designers can offer a basic, sketch or turnkey design project. The latter includes a maximum of services. Before starting the main set of works, experts visit the site, make the necessary measurements, take photos of each room. On the basis of the obtained data, a visualized interior design is developed using computer programs. Interior design firm offers several options at once, from which the client chooses the most suitable. 

The design project includes the layout of premises, arrangement of furniture and equipment, types of finishing materials for different surfaces, colors, patterns, decorative elements. Services of the Luxury Antonovich Design — it is profitable, practical, convenient. The development of design options for each room in your home will be handled by professional designers. You can make adjustments at any stage of the project creation. We guarantee the quality of our services. 

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