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Classic interior — always a win-win choice! 

Five basic elements needed for a classic interior: 

1. Symmetry and a noble color palette — a combination of white and gold, pastel colors, natural shades of brown, olive. The accents in the design that help to achieve the desired mood of solemnity, grace, and luxury. Can be decorated in blue, burgundy, green hues, and sometimes with the help of pure black inclusions. 

2.  The molded decor of gypsum or polyurethane 

Cornice, ceiling rosette are mandatory around the perimeter of the ceiling. In modern classic interiors ceilings trendy to decorate in various geometric. Also, the interior can be decorated with various architectural elements: columns, pilasters, sculptures, statuettes. 

3.  Natural materials 

Wood and stone. Furniture made of natural wood, parquet or parquet board, wall panels, fireplace portal. Classic means the use of expensive and high-quality materials that will serve you for a long time. 

4.  Lighting 

The traditional lighting option is a crystal chandelier placed in the center of the room and giving enough light to emphasize all the charms of this space. An excellent addition to the chandelier could be crystal sconces on the walls. They give the room a special mood and a cozy atmosphere. 

5.  Textile 

Spectacular expensive textiles in the form of satin, silk, high-quality viscose and cotton in one color or with a barely noticeable pattern — the classic interior are always beautiful curtains, decorative pillows, bedspreads, and carpets. 

Choosing a classic interior, you have to spend money on it, but it's worth it because it will emphasize your respectability and status. 

Your investments will pay off because it's also environmental safety and comfort. The classic interior is not boring and does not become obsolete. It's always festive and cozy. Having equipped a house in classic style, you will invest very profitable in your future.  

The Luxury Antonovich Design — we are with you from the idea to its full implementation! 

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