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Walnut Creek, California

Interior design company Walnut Creek, California

The interior design company Luxury Antonovich Design guarantee that you will always feel cozy at home 

It's so nice to come back after a hard day to a beautiful, cozy house, in which everything is in its place, light, the furniture is comfortable, and the colors of the rooms please the eye! Where nothing annoys but only comfortably soothes! This is how most people imagine their home. People are often inclined to change. And the change of the interior or the remodeling is one of the favorite changes. It all starts with the fact that you have the cause for changes and the resources. Here are some main reasons for changing in interior design: 

However, any changes, even the easiest, are impossible without efforts and time, and of course without adequate knowledge. It is necessary to consider in detail your project, as well as to correlate it with construction norms, in order to avoid serious consequences. 

Interior design company will help you save money, time and effort because: 

Visualization of the project. This is the first step from words to deeds, when for the embodiment of your ideas, first a few sketch decisions are developed, you choose the best from them, and then designer models photo-realistic pictures of all the premises. 

Create a working project. In this part, interior design company present to the customer the drawings according to which the interior design will be made, and discuss the practical issues: from the purchase of finishing materials to the replacement of the wiring. 

Designer's supervision over all stages. Ordering interior design project from the interior design company, you get rid of the need to monitor your contractor: designer helping him to understand the intricacies of the project and properly plan the work. 

Interior design company services  Walnut Creek, California

Together we will be able to realize all your dreams! 

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