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Living room designs photos 

Looking at beautiful living room design photos, someone will say that his apartment if not the same, then at least something similar. It is known that the psychological comfort of a person directly depends on his environment. Therefore, a beautiful and harmonious interior living room will give only positive emotions to you and your loved ones. 

Basic rules of living room design 

To tell about all the design tricks when thinking how to make the interior is not enough writing a whole book. But there are several general provisions that are true for any living room, regardless of the style decision. 

The living room is the busiest room in the house. It is the link between the rest of the premises. You can experiment with the decor, including the architectural component of the room. For example, arches and columns will not only decorate the room but also will allow it to be divided into zones. 

The living room is not always an isolated room. Often it is combined with a kitchen, a lounge, a guest bedroom, a study room and other rooms. For each specific design project, an individual approach is needed. The layout of the room should correspond to the needs of the residents of the apartment or house. 

Continuing the theme above, one of the most fashionable trends in the world of interior design is the unification of a living room with a kitchen or a dining room. Due to this, the effect of open space is achieved. For the selection of zones, you can use lighting or different colors and textures of floor and ceiling coverings. 

The living room can be enlarged by adding a terrace to it, which is a place for greenery, a corner for rest or tea. Sliding partitions could separate the living room from the neighboring premises or combine it with them. You can easily transform the space to meet your current needs. Thinking about the interior, keep in mind that the living room should be not only beautiful but also functional. You should feel comfortable and not think that the vase or statue is about to fall, if, for example, the child decides to go around the room. 

Selecting a furniture set for the living room, be guided by aesthetic taste, a sense of style and, of course, convenience. Furniture can be made in any style, it is important that it creates a harmonious calming atmosphere. In a really beautiful living room, you want to stay longer. 

The choice of colors depends on your personal preferences, but try to keep a harmonious combination of shades. Do not use more than 3-4 basic colors in the interior, so as not to turn the room into iridescent chaos. In small living rooms should not be used too dark tones, large drawings on a wallpaper and stucco molding on the ceiling. 

Living room layout 

For inspiration, look at the photos of the beautiful living room projects of our studio, notice all the nuances. I'm sure many ideas you like. Contact our studio for more information. 

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