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The Luxury Antonovich Design company is professionally engaged in the construction of residential houses, country cottages, villas, swimming pools, and other projects turnkey. The company offers house plans for any purpose, architectural plans on a turn-key basis and other services. Prices for services depends on the requirements, financial possibilities of the buyer. Architectural plans of the company can be created as an individual project of the required scope based on client sketches, or special unique house plans. 

The house plans will take into account the features of the land site, namely: soil composition, landscape relief. Qualitative selection of building materials taking into account the climatic conditions will allow to successfully complete the construction, therefore this issue is given much attention.  House plans carefully worked out, all details and nuances are agreed with the client. 

House plans on a turn-key basis: 

firstly all the necessary information about the site is collected. After this, a construction contract is concluded, as well as a preliminary estimate of the finished house. 

At the next stage, a sketch of the future house is being developed. Our architectural plans experts personally visit the site and, taking into account the landscape of the site, make adjustments to house plans. Further, the final architectural plans approved by the client. 

Designers finalize house plans. 

The house design is completed by receiving of a package of documents. It describes the architectural plans (layout of the facade, estimate), the design section (complete house plans). 

Remember, most clients choose single floor house plans with a three bedroom house plan 

The company also provides related services: 

Water supply, heat supply; sewerage, ventilation; electrical supply, etc. 

Placing the house on the land site, according to the geological survey. 

Changing and adjusting prepared house plans according to the requirements of the customer. 

The client chooses for himself the housing in which he wants to live. Some people like single floor house plans, others like large three bedroom house plan with high ceilings. Before the start of construction, staff carefully study everything, carry out the necessary preparation work: they calculate and discuss important points with the customer. Only after this, the parties conclude a contract and agree on architectural plans and estimate documents. Due to the fact that we have contracts with manufacturers of building materials, this allows us to save significantly on the construction. 

Luxury Antonovich Design — the leader in the construction and design of houses turnkey. Prices for the construction of each house are calculated individually. Order a callback or write to an online chat, we will answer you as soon as possible. Dealing with the Luxury Antonovich Design is a big pleasure for a customer! 

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