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Luxury interior design by the company Luxury Antonovich Design is the best the interior design, where everything meets high standards of quality. It includes the design for apartment or country house with spacious rooms, exclusive furniture, works of art, stained-glass windows and art paintings. 

As a rule, the luxury interior design is typical for large space. However, when ordering a design for a small apartment, an individual project that does not look like the others can be created. 

The style should reflect the vision and wishes of the client, his taste preferences about the desired result of the interior design. Based on this, a designer is thinking through the design project. 

Principles of work on the design project 

At the first meet, it is desirable that the customer provide a preliminary plan and formulate his wishes for the future interior: family composition, number and functional purpose of the premises (bedroom, children's room, study, living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, dressing room, etc.) 

On the basis of the information received from the customer, the first stage is carried out — the concept of the interior design consisting of sketches of planning solutions (several options, the number depends on the space and wishes of the customer). The customer chooses one of the options provided to him, sometimes several ideas come together from different options. This sketch is approved by the customer and is the basis for drawing up the assignment for the further development of the design project. Also, based on the approved sketch, the composition and cost of the project are determined and the contract is concluded. 

Working Project 

Based on the information mentioned above, working documentation is being generated in the form of drawings, plans, layouts, which is the main part of the Design project. The composition and number of drawings, the term of execution depend on the scope and complexity of the project. Throughout the entire period of work, the customer, via e-mail or at a meeting, is given intermediate drawings for making decisions, making adjustments, or approvals. In a result 3D visualization of the object. 

Selection of materials 

Service for the selection of necessary finishing materials, furniture, sanitary ware, floor and wall coverings, decorative elements, namely curtains, paintings, lamps, etc. The customer can engage in the process without the participation of the designer, in which case the customer is obliged to inform about the purchasing finishing materials, electric lighting devices, fittings, doors, sanitary ware and furniture selected by him for making the necessary changes to the design project. 

Designer's supervision 

Actions of the author of the project to ensure the conformity of the design idea and stylistic solutions approved in the design project. And also, in the process of construction work, a non-standard situation may arise that will require the designer to make a qualified decision that does not violate the overall concept of the project. 

The creation of luxury interior design is an exclusive work, it is possible to say, jewelry work must be entrusted only to professionals. Ordering the design, serious engineering work, thinking over every detail, attention to fashion trends are obligatory. And, of course, the most important thing, a person should feel comfortable and cozy in a new interior! 

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