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Tacoma, Washington

Architectural and interior design company Tacoma, Washington

Luxury Antonovich Design Studio has been designing interiors for many years, and during this time have accumulated considerable experience and formed our own design principles that help to successfully solve your problems. The creativity of the architectural firm - maximum reliability, comfort, harmony and comfort with minimal construction costs. 

The main principles of professional architectural and design firm: 

Correct planning 

We are scrupulously working on each project, allocating for each function just as much space as is necessary for convenience. Thanks to proper zoning, one or two additional rooms can be added to the project. In the premises we arrange furniture and equipment, checking whether they are comfortable and cozy. 

Beauty and harmony 

If there is no harmony in proportions of the building, the ugly appearance cannot be hidden by the decor - the perfect human eye will still see the clumsy forms behind the elegant decor. When everything in its place - slender proportions, the elegant outline of the roofs, the harmonious arrangement of the windows, it looks accordingly. 

Drawings follow after 3D modeling  

All our projects are created in 3D modeling programs. First, it's interesting because the virtual model can be seen around and inside. Agree, this is clearer and easier than trying to imagine the appearance of the house when looking at the drawings. Secondly, it's honest. On the 3D you can see everything at once - the proportions of the facades, the quality, and style of the interiors, the convenience. We accurately verify the dimensions of the house, think through and mount virtually structures, place finishing materials, textures, and colors. Third, it is a guarantee of accuracy. Only a well-tested, thoroughly studied the model solution of the house we transfer to the working project drawings. We protect ourselves from technical, engineering, geometric and harmonic mistakes. 

Harmony of the interior 

Everything in sight: the style of the decoration of the rooms and the facades of the house, the aesthetics of its surroundings - other buildings and the landscape of the site affect the way of life and mood. With proper design such mistakes are excluded, the harmony of all elements is achieved, which gives the architecture a holistic and stylish appearance. If there is a precise plan of action, the result of the construction will be unmistakable, harmony, comfort, and style - provided! Therefore, we ensure the harmony of all elements: a house, landscaping, and the interior of the premises. 

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