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Jersey City, New Jersey

Architect design firm Jersey City, New Jersey

Best residential buildings in Jersey City, New Jersey

Architectural construction company Luxury Antonovich Design welcomes you in the world of modern design! Our company works in the field of modern architecture and design, having earned for this time a solid reputation of a team of professionals. We specialize in services: 

Architect design firm Jersey City, New Jersey

As always, the perfect combination of the motives of the classical style and Art Deco style in the interior of the apartment from architect design firm Montreal Antonovich Design. The stylish interior of the apartment brings aesthetic pleasure from decor elements and a combination of materials and shades. The general color scheme in the interior is creamy beige shades, in which the glitter of silk, sparkles of crystal and silver overflows are. To order a design project, the owners of the apartment in an elite residential complex decided on the advice of their neighbors, for which the designers of the studio developed the project of an apartment in a modern style. Photos of the interior convinced them that this is the world's leading design studio. Lovely and elegant elements of the author's decor give each room cozy features. Softness and a sense of home comfort begin with the interior of the corridor. Smooth outlines of the walls, which are decorated with plaster with pearly shine perfectly combined with natural marble on the floor and exquisite chandeliers, which the designers have placed among the perimeter of the ceiling. Soft ottoman and a soft pillar upholstered in natural velvet cream shade. The niche with a large mirror already from the threshold “say” that this house is dominated by luxury and comfort. The elite interior of the living room is filled with a sense of celebration. Luxurious ceiling with several niches in the center is decorated with a massive elegant chandelier. Lighting throughout the perimeter and modern ceiling lights evenly illuminate every corner of the room. The interior design of the apartment from the Antonovich Design is perfection in every detail. 

Designing best residential buildings in Jersey City, New Jersey 

Luxury interior created by the interior designers of the studio Antonovich Design. Modern style with charming notes of Art Deco. This softness and warmth are set by pleasant shades offered by designers for the interior. A small hall is decorated with a floor made of natural marble and niche of wallpaper beige, amidst which a magnifying mirror and exquisite furniture look amazing. Instead of the traditional chandelier in the lobby, designers offered a number of evenly spaced ceiling lights. In the living room space is perfectly organized, which brought maximum comfort to the interior of the apartment. Glossy facades of furniture of milk chocolate shade cute contrast with green shades in an upholstery of furniture. A luxurious elegant chandelier and a spectacular floor lamp with a curved leg emphasized the style Art Deco in the interior of the living room. On the windows, the folds of curtains made of natural silk of a cream shade harmoniously look. And the main moments that set the warmth of home comfort were the floor made of natural wood of valuable species and the marble fireplace. Soft sofas at the large panoramic window in upholstery made of noble textiles of a creamy shade accentuate the cordiality and hospitality of the owners of the elite apartment. The interior design of the kitchen echoed the motifs of the living room design concept. Here for best residential buildings in Montreal designers also used an exquisite combination of shades, chocolate, and lime. Emphasize the elite status of the apartment paintings on the walls and the high-end materials that designers have suggested for the decor. 

We manage the process of creating an object from the stage of drawing up a design task to decorating an object, clearly monitoring the quality of work execution. As a result of such close cooperation of the customer, architects, and engineers, each architectural concept developed by us is realized with maximum accuracy, absolutely unique and individual, in accordance with the wishes of the client. 

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