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TOP 10 interior designer Texas

Architectural engineering consultants in Texas, Katrina Antonovich 

The great architecture Texas in the modern world is not only pompous bridges and skyscrapers — it is also the coziness of the inhabitants of the metropolis. What is more important for a man of his comfortable place? The question is rhetorical. The studio Luxury Antonovich Design offers worthy TOP 10 interior designer Texas projects. 

TOP 10 interior designer Texas

The interior design in the Art Deco style TOP 10 interior designer Texas filled this small apartment with luxurious author's decor elements in the best traditions of the style. The stylish interior is made in a bright range of shades, from soft lilac velvet in the upholstery of furniture and silk folds of curtains, to deep black in the decoration of the walls. The stylish and festive interior begins to play with colors and splendor from the original ceiling with smooth lines and circles of niches with a soft neon hidden illumination. Fine author's chandeliers designate a recreation area in the living room and a dining area.  If the TOP 10 interior designer San Francisco are involved in the implementation, the result is always an ideal and unique interior with exclusive elements in design and decor. In this apartment fascinate decor of the wall with the author's stucco of abstract large flowers. Individually drawn and patterns on the mirrors, with which so amazingly harmonizes the lace of gentle patterns on the curtains. Another luxury solution for a VIP-class interior is a nice partition in the living room, the base of which is covered with black exquisite wallpaper, and on both sides, the original lilac frames, covered with soft panels. The interior design in the bedroom continues the mood of the interior in the apartment, but it is a bit softer and more concise. Curtains in the style of minimalism emphasize a luxurious bed with a soft headboard and a rich ceiling decor. 

Modern architectural engineering consultants in Texas 

Modern style in the interior can be daring and impetuous and can be soft and cozy, as in the design of this beautiful apartment. Interior designers of the studio Antonovich Design chose a warm palette of brown and gentle lilac shades. The apartment owners decided to order a design apartment project, as they were impressed by the realized projects of the architectural engineering consultants in San Francisco and the interiors designed by the studio in the style of minimalism, Art Deco, baroque, empire. Their desire was to get an individual interior of the apartment with author's decor elements. The stylish interior of the living room is soft and light, thanks to the delicate silk in the decoration of the windows, soft carpet, comfortable sofa, elegant crystal chandelier and original decor of the mirrors. The interior of the corridor looks very warm and harmonious. The natural wood in the decoration of the walls emphasizes the design of the doors and the parquet floor. The ceiling is divided into small square niches with illumination. Exquisite author's chandelier emphasizes some aristocratic interior, as well as an artistic picture with a graphic image. In the author's interior of the kitchen, there is a chocolate mood in the decoration of the windows and in the ceiling decoration. Furniture and natural wood give home comfort to this luxury interior. The interior of the children's room is entirely devoted to the hobbies of the young owner of the apartments. For a harmonious rest here everything is done in soft light colors, the walls are decorated with themed prints, and on the ceiling is an original chandelier. Interior designers have presented light features of Art Deco with the help of soft wall panels and solemn chandeliers. 

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