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Office Design 

When it comes to the design of the office, designers sometimes have a difficult task. The travel agency and bank should differ not only in style of design but also in the organization of space. The design speaks of the company as a whole, so there are no trifles here. 

Beautifully designed office not only creates a favorable impression of the company but also affects the efficiency and well-being of employees. Therefore, office design should take their opinion into account. In terms of design — this is not easy premises. Every detail is important here — from office equipment and furniture to the creation of ergonomic conditions that ensure convenient movement and interconnection of workplaces. 

There are basic requirements for office design: good lighting, the advantage is given to daylight; bright colors, sometimes the use of brand colors; functional and practical furniture. Such rules promote productive work, and will not distract employees' attention. It is also important to organize not only the workplace but also the recreation area, which is maintained in brand style. 

Office Design Plan 

There are only three directions. This is a closed, open and mixed. Closed space is more characteristic for state institutions, where one long corridor and offices. Open — a large office space, which is divided by mobile partitions into zones. This approach to the organization of space is gaining popularity among modern offices. The main advantage is space-saving. Mixed space is also no less popular. Separated may be a manager's office, a room for negotiations and recreation zone. 

The modern rhythm of business dictates its conditions and in priority now functionality, practicality, and convenience. These requirements correspond to the style of minimalism and hi-tech. Companies wishing to show their high status and pay attention to elegance — choose Modern. Bold and young organizations will prefer High-tech and Loft. 

The arrangement of the office design, as well as any other premises, must begin with the development of a design project. It's no secret that there are no trifles in the design of the office: here you need to take into account all the nuances, down to the location of network communications and wiring. One of the important components is the layout of lighting devices. And this is not surprising since proper lighting is the key to the effective work of each employee. It creates the working atmosphere. 

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