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The Luxury Antonovich Design specialization — a full range of interior design services. From planning and design to construction and decoration. 

The design is the solution of tasks and not just creativity. The main thing is whether all the goals are achieved and whether the costs are optimal. In the interiors of apartments and houses, the goal is always to create a comfortable and practical space, optimally carefully spending the customer money. 

For interiors of stores, restaurants, and offices, the main thing is that architectural and decorative solutions increase the loyalty of consumers, increase their number and, as a consequence, increase business profits. At the same time, the cost of design solutions should pay off as quickly as possible. 

Our job is to find the simplest, most convenient and elegant solutions for the tasks set out by the customer, based on our own professional knowledge. 

The customer can control the organization and quality of design and construction works. We lose money where we do not have enough information. Knowledge will protect you from errors, time and money losses and poor quality work. 

Finishing materials, equipment, furniture — we pay special attention to the optimization of using finishing materials. We apply expensive and exclusive materials only when it is justified and necessary for the solution of the set tasks. 

Architectural and decorative solutions — we believe that the interior is interesting and beautiful, due to the right and harmonious selection of finishing materials, accessories, fabrics, furniture. In addition, you can, if desired, quickly and without additional costs and hassle to change your interior, changing accessories, fabrics, and paintings. Architectural elements are much harder to change. 

Interior design firm 

The Luxury Antonovich Design will perform a full range of works on the creation of private and commercial interiors. On the website, you can find all the information needed. 

To order the interior design for a private house, apartment or commercial facility means to start solving complex and important tasks that require time and money. 

We assist with all the information that will help in creating your own home interior. How to start, what services to pay attention to, what you need to know before starting, how to choose executors and builders, and how to properly control them. Information on the organization and technology of work is useful for resolving disputes. 

Do you want to get an exclusive interior design? On the website, you can find the basic rules of organization of space, selection of finishing materials, color. We propose to owners of commercial facilities to get acquainted with the secrets of increasing profitability due to successful interior solutions. 

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