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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Landscaping designs in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Bright and colorful garden with beautiful flowers - now this is not a dream, but a real reality, the choice is always yours. Each owner of a country plot with the help of landscaping designs in Kenya can turn his land into gorgeous place, it is only necessary to have a desire. With the right choice of landscaping designs in Kenya from the Luxury Antonovich Design Studio, you will get a quality work that will not leave you indifferent. 

The main options for decorating landscaping designs in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania include the following: 

You can zone the site. To do this, you need to visualize the location of buildings. Also, you need to determine the place allocated for the lawn, and where you need to plant a garden, plant flowers. Further, places for rest and for placement of decorative elements are determined. Perhaps you want to make a pool, and with the Luxury Antonovich Design Studio, all this is real. 

The stages of landscaping designs in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania are as follows: 


  Before you proceed to lay tracks, you need to decide on the buildings and important elements on the site. Next is the construction of tracks, and then - planting. Tracks can also be made with your own hands, and fantasy is your faithful helper in this difficult matter. 

Green plantations 

  Landscaping involves the erection of green spaces. To maximize the greenery of the site, it is necessary to prepare a site on which the lawn will be placed. Cleaning is carried out by means of cleansing from weeds, grass, stones.


  It is difficult to imagine a good and quality landscaping designs in Kenya without a pond. It can be a pond, a pool or a small attractive garden fountain. 

Flower gardens 

  There is a variety of options for arrangement of flower gardens. A beautiful flower garden bordered by an original curb or other structure should look very original. 

Stone  Gardens 

This type of garden is quite popular, and creation options are endless. It is necessary to take into account in this situation the relief of the terrain and the style features of the garden. Of course, personal preferences are also not disregarded, which it is important to focus on. If the entire site is located on a slope, a practical solution will be to build retaining walls and arrange terraces. Sometimes you can combine these options with each other. 

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