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Comfortable bedroom for the best sleep 

What sensations should the bedroom give to a tired person? Most likely, the majority will respond - calmness and relaxation. 

Psychologists say that a sound sleep is very important for human health. The more important become the proper design of the bedroom, allowing you to fully relax, relieve tension, and just hide from the world if necessary. It is a secluded corner that does not need to be shown to friends, to show off a fashionable and stunning interior. 

The interior of the bedroom reflects the owner's inner desire for comfort, rest or the need for an additional charge of energy. It is not so important to exactly maintain the style of the interior, how to surround yourself with things, among which you can be hours without discomfort. 

If it is possible to choose where a bedroom will be located in an apartment or a house, it is better to give preference to the most remote room from the front door. In the case of the construction of a two-story house - choose a premise on the second floor. Very cozy looking bedrooms in the attic. 

The bedroom interior will directly depend on the size and function. If in this room you do not plan to spend much time, only to sleep, then filling it can be minimal (bed, lamp, cabinet). If most of the free time passes here, or there is nowhere else to put furniture or room small, then in such cases several functional areas appear in the bedroom: a corner for sleeping, for reading, for work, for watching TV, for make-up, and dressing room 

Color palette for bedroom 

The color range for the walls can be chosen any, necessarily calm. Remember the need to rest the nervous system and eyes, it is better to choose light neutral. Most often used are white, milk, sand, cream, beige, pearl, peach, golden, gray shades. In the bedroom only natural colors are appropriate, all the screaming "ultra" must be left behind doors. 

For those who love only dark colors,  rich shades of green, blue, brown, gray will be appropriate. For people suffering insomnia, especially recommend a dark blue bedroom. Black can be used only in limited quantities, to decorate a part of the wall, furniture or several accessories. 

Decoration Materials 

The variety of finishing materials and coatings confuses even the builder-professional. Paint, panels (wooden, cork, bamboo), paintable wallpaper, wallpaper liquid, paper, vinyl, textile, glass, etc.  

The best choice for the floor is a "warm" natural parquet board or natural linoleum flooring. From thrifty option options: laminate and artificial linoleum flooring. It is very good if the doors and the floor are also harmonized in texture and color. Some people prefer carpeting instead of carpet, but this is an ambiguous decision. This coating is simply an ideal dust collector, and cleaning it takes much longer than wet cleaning of a hard floor covering. 

The ceiling in the bedroom is always in front of your eyes, so you need to take it seriously. Finishing materials: gypsum boards, stretch ceilings, wallpaper, plaster, paint. To date, the design of the bedroom is rarely without multilevel combined surfaces. But in a room with low ceilings, it's better to do without them. 

Comfort bedroom lighting 

The sconce is placed at the bed headboard, there is enough incandescent light with a power of 40 watts. It is necessary to combine the lighting so that in each functional zone there is the possibility of switching on an additional source. Bright, directional light can be installed in front of the dressing table, in the reading area and wardrobe.  

The quality interior of the bedroom is not possible without the use of complex combinations of lighting, decoration materials, and smart technologies. Accordingly, the designers of the Luxury Antonovich Design Studio in Dubai - real professionals ready in a short time to perform interior design of any complexity and configuration. With us, you will not have any troubles or worries. The project will be done on time and at an affordable price. Contact us! 


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