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House design Houston

A comfortable house design is a dream of thousands of people all other the world. In order to home was not only reliable but also comfortable it needs appropriate house design. Therefore, even at the stage of construction, it is recommended to order the house design, which allows envisaging everything to the smallest detail. After all, if the design of a city apartment it is mainly the choice of style and options for finishing the premises, then in the case of a house it is necessary to solve much more serious tasks. 

Experts recommend proceeding, first of all, from the architectural style of the building itself. In particular, a large wooden structure is not suitable for high-tech design, and a building with huge panoramic windows in a futuristic style cannot be decorated inside in the style of Country style or Provence. It is also important to consider the number of family members, their preferences, lifestyle and how often it is supposed to receive guests. All this information should be provided to designers who are supposed to make a house design. 


In a beautiful but uncomfortable room, you will not feel cozy. Creating a nice house design starts with working with space in the best ways of combining ergonomics solutions. Considering your habits, lifestyle. 


Designers make decisions based on their professional position, your task, principles of functionality and aesthetics. 

On time 

The project manager controls the terms and quality of work, communicates with clients. 

Without risks 

The payment is divided into the partial payments for each stage of design. 

Attention to lighting 

The intensity of lighting will vary depending on the time of day, weather and season. Noisy holiday, dinner together, film watching — the light will be in harmony with the mood and create the right atmosphere. 

Detailed project 

The project package includes drawings, plans, and layouts. Documents are so detailed that any worker realizes the project the way you imagine it 

House design 

We are ready to carry out all the work on decorating the interior and exterior of your house. Having chosen the Luxury Antonovich Design, you can be sure that our designers will strictly follow the terms of reference, which will be drawn up based on your wishes. After a design project will be presented to you (photo 3D visualization, furniture, floor, ceiling design, finishing list, wiring and installation of electrical equipment, explanatory note, etc.), our professionals will not consider their mission to be completed. Designer's supervision we also do. You can order house design in any style and any complexity. Having developed a house design according to your desire, we can also decorate its facade, as well as develop a project of landscape design of the site. 

Call and order house design by the Luxury Antonovich Design! Designers and architects will do everything to make your house design exceeded your expectations! 

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