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Architectural Company Luxury Antonovich Design is led by Katrina Antonovich is engaged in the interior design and architectural design of houses, palaces, mansions, and country cottages worldwide. The team includes the best designers and the best architects who have great creative potential and many years of experience in the field of luxury design and architecture.


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Architectural company Luxury Antonovich Design is led by Katrina Antonovich and Elena Antonovich is engaged in the interior design and architectural design of houses, palaces, mansions, and country cottages worldwide. The team includes the best designers and the best architects who have great creative potential and many years of experience in the field of luxury design and architecture.

The Architectural company Luxury Antonovich Design is one of the best architectural firms in the USA. Experience gained in the UAE allows taking up the most daring and extraordinary projects, create luxurious VIP interiors, without repeating the already used design solutions.

Luxury Antonovich Design specializes in the design and construction of buildings and premises for various functional purposes, and the creation of interior solutions from A to Z. The best professionals implemented more than 50 architectural and interior design projects, most of which belong to the luxury market segment.

The team of qualified experts in different fields gives the company the opportunity to develop integrated solutions and participate in all stages of the project: from concept creation to full completion. We’ll professionally guide your project from scratch through all stages design to installation.

We use only the best technology and materials, adapting them to the specifics of American construction and decoration. Cooperation and trusty business relations with leading US architectural firms and consulting companies, innovative centres and manufacturers in Europe and the USA.

   The Luxury Antonovich Design company guarantees you: 

Constant dialogue with the client, discussion of special objectives, search for satisfying the client solutions and coordination of details are the main principles of the company's work. 

Working on the project, we always individually approach the solution of the objectives set before us, we use the best architectural solutions and modern technologies, we provide guaranteed quality. 

We use a complex approach to find the best solution to set goals. We offer our clients a full range of services in the field of design, construction, and management of the facility: from analysis and development of the concept and ending with the official opening.

The designing process by Luxury Antonovich Design includes consultation services, concept development, preliminary design, visualization, design project, engineering design, constructive design, architectural design, designer's supervision and construction.

Main services are the preparation of the project budget on the basis of pre-project studies, the documentation preparing, the supply of materials, the construction works, the engineering and technical supervision, the control of the timing and quality of works.

Why the Luxury Antonovich Design company is the best designer for house plans?

It is important for house plans to be handled by professionals. When looking for a great designer, it is important that you choose the one with the best reputation. Our company will create a house plan that will perfectly fit your needs and requirements. We make sure that the timeline is always followed by making an accurate sequence of how the construction will be made. Our company’s objective is to create an architectural design that is zoned and mapped out well within the neighborhood. The plumbing, electrical, cooling and heating systems are all installed strategically to avoid future damages and extra cost. Our company makes sure that we study the project well. This is because we want to ensure that it will turn out right and that is well constructed from its aesthetics to its functionality. 

What is the secret of Luxury Antonovich Design that its architectural designs mesmerize?

There is only one main thing why people are patronizing our company  the Luxury Antonovich Design, it is because we are easy and comfortable to work with. The charming and professional attitude of our chief designer Katrina Antonovich is what sets us apart from other architectural design companies. Building a house is a major investment for our clients and also for Katrina Antonovich. She makes it important that our team and her clients are working together to make sure that the project between us will turn out perfect and the outcome is just like how it is imagined. Her goal is to keep her clients at ease by answering all their queries and making sure that she applies the style and taste of her clients to her work. She lets her clients know about her Style and Fresh Decor Ideas that will benefit the projects by being a trendsetter in luxury interior design. It is very much rewarding to choose the Luxury Antonovich Design company as your architectural designer, you’re will be at ease that you’ll get along with our team and be satisfied with our designs. 

How does the Luxury Antonovich Design incorporate fresh design ideas?

With the evolving design era of the modern world, our company makes sure to incorporate new ideas into designs. The fresh modern and minimalist design is one of our mastered styles. We are also known for our contemporary designs which are very distinct in the styles today. Our design concept is not only done with basic designs but we make sure that we conceptualize well and incorporate our client’s desires to fulfil their demands. We also pay great attention to the newest materials and to smart home technologies. We want you to live at home, where every day is a pleasure.

Why the Luxury Antonovich Design is a great choice for exterior design?

Being the outer part of the house, some may think that the exterior design is not that important. This is the misconception of many, that’s why our company’s objective is to make sure that the exterior is as pleasing as the interior design. From the colours to the outdoor fixtures our company  the Luxury Antonovich Design  is very hands-on in picking out every element that will suit your home’s aesthetics and build you a well-curated home that is stunning from the exterior to the interior. 

Whether it is residential or commercial spaces you want to build, our company got you covered.

We will make sure that we put out all the knowledge we have to help you and we will also follow the standard building codes for our client’s safety. Our house designs have been proven and tested to comply with standard building codes and ethics. Our versatility and expertise in the industry have been qualified for different skill levels and ability to construct projects from all over the world.

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