The curtain decoration is very important when it comes to personalizing environments, and can be perfect if we use the right objects. Each of the fabrics, each color and each combination can get from your home or business a unique place with a personality of its own.

Decorating objects such as cushions or curtains can help create the right environment in the corner you want. That is why, in addition to our Luxury Curtain Design and Decoration services in Dubai, Luxury Antonovich Design are dedicated to the decoration of interiors and exteriors and to the preparation of all kinds of curtains, blinds, Japanese panels, household linen, and all kinds of complements in a totally handmade way.

We advise our clients considering the characteristics of the stay, space, furniture, etc., both domestically and in large interventions (hotels, convention rooms, offices, public administration, and we help through an extensive catalog of fabrics of the best quality and with the latest trends in the choice of fabric type, colors and complements, always attending to the tastes, needs and budget of each client.


From classic curtains to technical curtains (smooth, darned, upholstery, fan, curl, balloon, with curls), as well as curtains, Foldable, rods, scrollable screen and / or photographic, which are one of the most original alternatives when decorating our home or business, being able to choose the image that you like most from our catalog or provide your own photographs.


In curtain rods we have all the measures, materials and finishes (rust, leather, nickel, matte, silver, forge, wood, etc,.), that can combine with many terminals and accessories to be able to go with the style your home or business as with the one of the chosen curtain. We also offer you a wide range of rails with the maximum guarantee of quality to respond to more specific uses and installations.



  1. We feel passion for what we do ... We play, above all, with the imagination.
  2. We carry out a totally handcrafted work of great quality at competitive prices.
  3. Professional service, tailor-made, timely delivery times.
  4. Free transport service, collection and delivery of furniture at home.
  5. We have everything you need to give your home or business a new life.
  6. Great variety of designs and materials that will adapt to your style and needs.
  7. Creative and innovative, but in love with the classic and modern design and decoration.


Luxury Antonovich Design in Dubai, we have a wide range of materials of fabrics for the decoration of the best brands in Dubai and international market, innovative, versatile and affordable, children's, classic and elegant curtains for the most demanding tastes, among which you can make your choice.

We have complete samples of all the brands of fabrics we work with and the curtain accessories that we can offer you, always with the best value for money. Our extensive experience allows us to advise you on the latest trends in curtain interior design and decoration, according to your needs, tastes and budget, always advising you on the best curtain options to decorate your home or business.

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