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Antonovich Group id providing the widest range of services and interior design solutions for every luxury property in Canada. The company and its team have become very famous for their absolute design executions and accomplishments which have been very well completed in Canada. Our international services have extended their capacity to perform and bring out the best interior design, architecture, and furniture services in Canada. We have a top-notch team that has been very expert when it comes to every project solution, development, and management for world-class quality and style like no other.


Everything you need to create a beautiful home or commercial environment may be found in one place. Everything from a full range of design services to one-of-a-kind shops with personalized options on premium furniture is available. We listen, understand your wishes, provide inventive and creative ideas, and provide expert advice while remaining mindful of your budget in order to produce the ideal solution for you in a timely manner. Antonovich Group provides services that range from the first phases of new building or refurbishment to the placement of the final accessory:


It's more of a design standpoint than a tight commitment to a certain design style. Every project is unique, and each design solution is tailored to the specific demands of the family as well as the unique restrictions and potential of the home and location. We never perform the same job twice, which is why our knowledge of how ancient homes are constructed, as well as how to adapt, enlarge, and improve them, is so significant. Your project will be one-of-a-kind, tailored to your needs and intended to improve your property.

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