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Antonovich Group is the only company has brought up great different types of house design Ideas which have opened a lot of possibilities to enhance the architectural and interior design projects in Montreal. There are numerous architects from Montreal that has very skillful capabilities and knows further about the land areas in Montreal. Interior Design in Montreal requires very detailed decorations that are featuring traditional as well as modern style arrangements. Antonovich Group is also very well known as the top furniture manufacturer in Montreal that offers all sorts of furniture and decorations that can be very well suitable in all types of projects in Montreal. Our company has been the most reliable supplier of furniture for Montreal for over many years already, that is why Antonovich Group has gained the trust of the local residents of Montreal in terms of furniture supply and manufacturing.


Antonovich Group is an interior design company that offers complete services in Montreal. We specialize in architectural design, interior design, furniture, accessories, and the construction of apartments, cottages, homes, offices, restaurants, stores, beauty salons, and shopping malls. Our studio provides a broad variety of services, including architectural design, working drawings, all construction and installation work, as well as a complete "turnkey" package. The term "design project" refers to a set of design sketches, drawings, and specifications that are required by builders, finishers, suppliers, manufacturers, and other contractors to complete all of the work in a timely manner.

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