Our Well-Executed Facade Designs 

Luxury Antonovich Design is one of the best among the top companies that product exterior designs. We consider it as the most important aspect of having a stunning structure. We do a vital stage in the construction and our process of designing a facade requires extensive skills and knowledge. After all, it is the face of your structure. It is where people give their first impression of how the inside looks like. We are the top makers of beautiful and well-planned facade design that allows the structure to have an impressive feel into it, and it is very important for us to think about the design of your facade. Our imagination is limitless and having the boldest ideas can create a stunning facade. 

We have created several facade projects in different parts of the world. Luxury Antonovich Design's one main objective: it is very important that the facade of your home suits your personality. This allows you to transform your home into a place full of dreams and ideas. Each and every structure by our company require a great facade in order to have a well-executed home overall. Facade for us is a vital part of every structure as it is the foundation of the look and feel that we want to showcase in the interior design. The taste and style of the clients are some of the important things to consider in order for the facade to last long.

In our company, the exterior design of every structure follows according to the blueprint, 3D visualization, specifications and project documents. It is based on the architectural features of the structure and its technical characteristics. The client's wishes and demands should be well put on.

Different Types of Facade that We Can Offer 

Here are just some of the few facade styles that we can do:

  • Midcentury
  • Modern
  • Resort-inspired
  • Glass dominant
  • Industrial
  • Eco-friendly
  • Wood
  • Rectangular shapes

The Importance of Having a Great Facade Plan 

Why is it important to have a facade plan?

  • To visualize how your house will look like.
  • To see different options and to choose the most suitable type of decoration.
  • To reduce the cost of materials and work.
  • To avoid shortcomings in the construction of the structure.
  • To have a detailed sequence of the plan.
  • To effectively meet the timeframe and to finish the facade on time.

Advantages of Working with Our Team 

You can benefit us even more.

  • We have been working with facades for several years and you can trust our expertise. 
  • We are a manufacturer of facade decor at a professional level and we understand the features of each part of the project. 
  • Our huge team can offer you a wide range of style decoration, materials, solutions in order to save cost and time.
  • You are guaranteed to get a huge deal of products from our company. 
  • You will save a lot with us.

As we continue to grow, our design portfolio also follows. We are committed to bringing the best design experience for every client.

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