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To start every exterior design work, it is always very important to consider and to know about the main concept design and requirements of the project. This is the most essential stage of the project where it requires a set of meeting and discussion of the Architectural and design team with the client/ Project owner. The Luxury Antonovich Design Team which is composed with the high ranking professionals and skilled Architects and Interior Designers will be carefully studied and develop every project to be able to provide a Luxurious and successful work for every exterior design. Every architectural work demands a very systematic analysis when it comes to the composition of every part of the project. And what makes every Project extra special is that the team is making sure that there will be a very special feature and uniqueness in every successful work.

Important Stages in Creating every Luxurious Exterior Design

Exceptional Home Exterior by Luxury Antonovich Design

This Exterior Home Design is inspired by purity with class. Gathering all the concrete and world-class materials in completing this Exterior Design is one of the great characteristics of this project. The Architects and designers made it sure to achieve the perfect balance and alignment for the elevation. All the sizes and design for the windows perfectly have the good stability with the size of the main door and other exterior feature. The team has managed to have a very creative and detailed design and decorations for the outdoor gypsum, balustrade, and veranda. At the first glance of this exterior design, some might think that it quite plain and simple as it is having a very selective scheme that has been used. However, when we started to look at it close, it will be immediately identified how fascinating the exterior design has been composed and combined to have the perfect result. This only proves that the correct definition of being Luxurious is not only from the main appearance of the design but it is also always very important to consider and create every Exterior design with the best consideration and prioritize the material that has to be used and how it will be perfectly installed.

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