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World Class Implementations for Exterior Design by Luxury Antonovich Design

The World of Architectural and Interior Design Industry has been currently experiencing a high volume of demand recently. As a part of this fast-growing Industry, Luxury Antonovich Design has been embracing this very healthy challenge and considering it as a great inspiration to continue working out with all the best solutions in the International standards. We are very Proud Presenting this Creative Contemporary Exterior House Design as we have well implemented all the special features and world-class implementations using the exceptional materials from our trusted International Suppliers from Turkey, Italy, and UAE. The full Exterior House Design has been composed of concrete materials from the roof, Exterior walls, and full landscape design. Since the full Project has been surrounded with very nice environments of Greens, We have created a very unique design of Landscape area which is placed at the center of the structure. A very relaxing round shaped outdoor sitting area has been well designed and arranged. Across the sitting area is the outdoor grilling were in the family can enjoy the outdoor activities while staying on their own premises. The full exterior design has a very appropriate and well-balanced elevation scheme which is very much important to every Architectural and House Design. Luxury Antonovich Design will always make sure to provide all the best solutions towards every Project. Our main goal is to maintain the World Class standards to exceed every client’s expectations.

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