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Gorgeous classic exterior

Traditional Way of Designing for the Exterior

It is very nice to know that even in this modern period of time, there are still some projects/ clients who are chosen to have a traditional way of designing and having pure classical themed. Sometimes it is depending on the location and country where the project is situated. For every classically themed design projects, it requires a selection of premium class standards of all the materials that have to be installed. On this project, the full exterior design has been completed with a very balance elevation scheme. Where in all the sizes of the windows, Doors and every outdoor feature is properly aligned? All the exterior materials from the roof, walls, windows, doors and outdoor decorative materials are from the trusted international suppliers to be able to sustain and make sure that it has the premium class made.

Wonderful Landscape Design

Every Classically themed House is composed with a combination of artistic decoration of the plants, trees and a nice arrangement of the grass for the full area. However, on this Project, the team has created a perfect twist by having a huge space and installing a relaxing sitting area.

Classical fence design

This project has made to have an artistic design for the fence was in people can fully see the exterior design of the house from the outside. This is one of a creative idea to be able to show how amazing the exterior has been artistically made. With a combination of the art form of natural stone and a metallic string of steal, the full fence design has been creatively executed.

Aside from embracing the current modern ages in Creating every Architectural and Interior Design work, The Luxury Antonovich Design Team still every stops in providing a timeless classic design for every client according to their requirement.

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