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Sophistication, elegance, and nature - that is what wood brings to interior design. Its natural beauty is an elegant thing and the elements of it give a different feeling to the home. You can have the wood-heavy home that you have been longing for with Luxury Antonovich Design. The spaces that we have created are all the combination of comfortability and luxury. 

The walk-in closet for this collection is full of beauty with the overall wood interior. The floor to ceiling design is magnificent. It's a ceiling of full wood material is something that you will cherish. The white furniture design adds variety to the rustic feel of the home. The atmosphere is amazing in this one. Its smart finish with a glossy accent adds to the extreme luxury of this place. Aside from the beauty that is the rustic interior design, Luxury Antonovich Design also made sure that the planning of the floor is spacious. 

The racks, drawers, and cabinets of this interior design are well-presented with a uniformity that comes in luxury. The shiny wood finish values the luxury in every aspect. Each corner of the room is designed to add extravagance and mysterious to the interior. 


The other parts of the home showcase silver and gray as the main color combination. Its glossy design and it's luxury atmosphere is perfect for luxury and rich homes. In the dining area, a different take on design is seen. The patterns are surreal and the cream finish for the walls is elegance in every corner. The overall theme of this collection is modern contemporary with a few classics. Its beauty's main value is in the walls. The designs put into it are very thorough and the sophistication that it gives to the interior design is superb. Every bit of the home is done in a luxurious manner in which you will feel amazing every time you see it. 

Contact us at Luxury Antonovich Design and make sure to book your appointment with us. Scan over our other collections to find the interior design that you needed. We will make your dream home come true and we will make you as personalized as possible. Luxury Antonovich Design is a team of talented designers and well-rounded interior designers who have excelled in their field and have the proper experience.

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