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Wood furniture designs continue to be a favorite of the many because of its natural beauty. A lot of people choose wood as an accent or as the main design in their interior design and we could not agree more! Wood is just stunning. It gives off a beautiful feeling of sustainability and eco-friendliness. Its natural texture that surrounds the material will make you want to design your interior design in a rustic atmosphere. Wood comes great in minimalist designs. Its beauty and texture will provide an elegant shade to your room. On top of that, rustic interior design is also a favorite style of the many.

This table topped with burl panels, with a natural finish that is embellished with contemporary features, The resin in the holes of the table is beautifully crafted. The sheets of silver or gold leaf add natural feeling to the table. And the butterfly joints add depth and dimension to the gorgeous masterpiece.


Luxury Antonovich Design can bring the sophisticated feeling of nature and earth into your home with this beautiful furniture designs. We can help you achieve a cozy, warm and luxurious home. Aside from that, we value comfort in every aspect of our work. That is why each and every furniture that we craft is designed with proper techniques to give you the comfort and luxury in one. Our take on rustic designs is simple: it is classic and it should be timeless. 

We create a balance between luxury and nature. It does not have to be perfect in every piece. It can be raw and simple, but it has to be beautiful. We value the contrast in modern and nature and we create them in a way where the clients can feel beautiful every time they see the room. The designs on this page are soft with a whimsical atmosphere with its use of wood.

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