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Modern home furniture does not have to be simple and basic. Modern has a whole range of styles which you can choose from. The colors can be played well. The dimensions can go from small to huge, and the elements can be very different. The important note in modern design is its use of materials. Luxury Antonovich Design and its team of creative furniture designers have formulated an effective technique to showcase a unique and beautiful creation of modern furniture. Its huge team of talented designers has the knowledge and skills of a world-class team and they were able to come up with designs that are surely modern. The designs are not limited to just one style. In the photos above, you will notice the different styles that go from the simplest to the most complex. These designs can be incorporated into bedrooms, living rooms, dining areas, and even bathrooms. It has its own personality, making it a stand out on its own.


Modern is not bland, and modern does not have to be futuristic. Luxury Antonovich Design's take on modern design is simple: it must be beautiful. It should go well with the rest of the interior design and it must be beautiful in every corner. We have gathered a ton of designs for you to choose from and our solid team of furniture creators and interior designs have poured their talents to create this beautiful collection. Our designs come in different colors and you are free to choose from any of tose. 

Each furniture is a masterpiece because of its beauty and details, and the materials are outstanding. The cabinets and drawers draw a minimalist look with patterns of beauty and elegance. The mirrors are also very striking because of its shape and size. The chairs are done in a very bold way with its strong black colors. Lighting isn't put into a bad light because it is designed with great planning and coordination. The floor to ceiling cabinets is also superb. From several shelves to drawers, you will definitely love having this in your own house.

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