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Looking for a modern luxury interior design that suits your taste and personality? These photos above will help you decide on your next home! The beautiful creations by the one and only Luxury Antonovich Design have elegant furnishings and wall decors that are unique and one of a kind. 

The modern luxury interior design has beautiful themes. One bedroom has a stunning violet finish that is very elegant. We all know that violet or purple is the perfect color in order to have a modern luxury interior design and Luxury Antonovich Design was able to execute such beautiful color into their own by making this elegant and modern luxury interior design.

Other rooms for the kids have a pink finish which is also very elegant. The design is perfect for a kid that loves to play. It is spacious and it has all the things that she needs in order to play around. Truly a perfect modern luxury interior design. The bathroom is also designed with so much class and elegance with its golden look and ambiance.

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