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Luxury tableware

Elite utensils have an amazing quality, which is characteristic only to valuable things and works of art.It is highly valued in any civilized corner of the globe, and over time the utensils, as well as a unique item of exclusive tableware, becomes only more expensive.The interior of the house can not be imagined without such a seemingly natural and indispensable decoration in everyday life. It is the elite utensils for the kitchen and home interior that shows more eloquently than other accessories the success and exacting taste of the owners.

Italian elite kitchen utensils

In our catalog, you will find products of the best trade marks from Italy. We assure you, if you buy elite luxury utensils in the salon of Luxury Antonovich Design, you will get a real pleasure from aristocracy, efficiency, originality and quality of crockery. Designer utensils of classical, vintage and modernist forms, collectible dishes from light porcelain and gleaming crystal glasses, silverware, and gilt rings for napkins in the form of status monograms of eminent brands.The main signs of expensive luxury utensils for the house are the design instinct with the exquisite harmony and unconditional quality from the creators of premium interiors. 3 reasons to buy elite utensils from Luxury Antonovich Design


In the online store of our studio, the entire assortment of Italian elite tableware for an expensive and stylish kitchen.These are original genuine works of the most famous and recognized designers Italy.


The status of our customers gives to them endless possibilities in all spheres of life, including the choice of the design of the surrounding space.We offer to open a whole world of luxurious beauty and charming purity of style.

Everything is allowed!

If you liked the item, but you prefer to touch and look in details things that are going to buy - elite utensils of Italian production can be appreciated personally in our showroom.

Exclusive Italian tableware

Any a thing and product, originating from Italy, bear the imprint of a refined Italian style, and, exclusive Italian utensils is no exception. It is the embodiment of centuries-old traditions and great craftsmanship. Famous designers make a lot of efforts to create elite utensils, which is a kind of small masterpiece. Exclusive ware is of high-quality, it is made of environmentally friendly materials such as porcelain, precious metals. It becomes elite not only thanks to the material but also thanks to the manufacturer.

Italy is home to remarkable and unsurpassed masters.Not only Italian shoes, furniture, but also utensils merit world recognition.They not only occupy a leading position in the market segment but are in great demand. All this is due to the fact that Italian tableware is distinguished by convenience, a variety of design solutions, affordable price and unsurpassed quality. Every year Italian kitchenware gets more and more refined design, thus giving the kitchen the status of creativity and art of cooking.

Italian utensils are distinguished by quality and an unusual design approach. It will become a real decoration for your kitchen, as well as a source of new culinary masterpieces. Exclusive Italian cookware is not in vain considered the best, because, it distinguished by its refinement, ease of operation and unsurpassed quality. Thanks to the thoughtful details and graceful lines, it is able to fill the kitchen with special beauty, warmth, style and coziness.


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